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A simple dotnet global tool for searching for .NET referenced assemblies
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FindRef - find those references!

findref is a simple dotnet global tool designed for searching through a directory of DLLs after a given assembly reference. It supports searching through assemblies targeting netstandard, netcoreapp or .NET Framework


Prerequisite: .NET Core SDK >= 2.1

$ dotnet tool install --global findref


$ findref -h
Usage:  [arguments] [options]

  assemblyname                the name of the assembly to look for references to. Case insensitive, matches if the FullName is equal to the argument.

  -?|-h|--help                Show help information
  -d|--directory <DIRECTORY>  the root directory to search through (default: working directory)
  -r|--recursive              search directory recursively
  -v|--verbose                write verbose output to stdout
  -e|--regex                  use assemblyname argument as regex pattern
  -i|--include-unmatched      include unmatched search results in the output

$ findref -v -d $REPOS/FindRef/src/bin/debug/netcoreapp2.1/ dnlib
Loading DLLs from 'src/bin/Debug/netcoreapp2.1/'
+ FindRef.dll has a reference to dnlib, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=50e96378b6e77999

Run from source

$ git clone
$ cd findref/src
$ dotnet run -- -r McMaster.Extensions.CommandLineUtils

+ FindRef.dll has a reference to McMaster.Extensions.CommandLineUtils

Run using Docker

docker run --rm -it --volume="$PWD:/assemblies:ro" henrihs/findref [arguments] [options]

Example, to search for NewtonSoft.Json in the current directoy, use:

docker run --rm -it --volume="$PWD:/assemblies:ro" henrihs/findref -d . Newtonsoft.Json

Building the image locally

docker build -t henrihs/findref .
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