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Scaladin makes easier to use Vaadin Framework with Scala programming language. It's a wrapper library that provides a pure Scala API for Vaadin Framework.

Build Status

How to use it?

The JAR file and a Maven dependency can be found from the Vaadin Directory.

The following listing shows what Scaladin code looks like:

package com.example

import vaadin.scala._

class ScaladinExampleApplication extends Application("Scaladin Example") {
  override val main = new VerticalLayout {
    add(new Button {
      caption = "Click me!"
      icon = new ThemeResource("../runo/icons/16/globe.png")
      clickListeners += { mainWindow.showNotification("Hello World!") }

The easiest way to test Scaladin is to use Risto's giter8 template that generates a sbt project:

> g8 ripla/vaadin-scala
<answer questions, enter for defaults>
> cd <project dir>
> sbt container:start ~aux-compile

After the above commands you have a working Scaladin application running on http://localhost:8080. You can even edit the generated Application class and changes are affected to the browser. In order to import your project into Eclipse, you have to say:

> sbt eclipse

That generates needed Eclipse configuration files into the project.


Scaladin is developed by Risto Yrjänä and Henri Kerola. Also, thanks to Henri Muurimaa for great ideas and feedback!


Scaladin is licensed under the Apache 2.0 License.

Developing the library

Wiki has a page about Developing the Library.

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