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Serve mapbox vectortiles via AWS stack. Please visit the Wiki for installation instructions.


These are the main project goals:

[x] Setup the AWS infrastructure with terraform
[x] Create an AWS lambda function to handle vectortile queries via REST
[x] Create mapbox vectortiles directly with postgis using ST_AsMvtGeom() and ST_AsMVT()
[x] Write a parser to read config-files that define the vectortiles layout
[x] Create fully automated deployment pipeline.
[x] Use some caching mechanism for vectortiles
[x] Use Typescript and typed interfaces where possible
[x] Have module tests with tsjest/chai
[ ] Generate useful documentation with typedocs
[ ] Learn more about AWS, terraform and typescript
[ ] Use free-tier if possible.
[x] Have fun

Checked items are already fulfilled.

Overall Architecture

  1. Client requests tile from CloudFront/S3 .
  2. Missing tiles are created via API Gateway and Lambda.

A more detailled description can be found in

Screenshots, Live Demo

The Live-Demo is available at: