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PyDDE: Python/C DDE solver

This is an updated version of PyDDE: Python/C DDE solver Original code here

This version was fixed for and tested on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and Mac OSX 10.9

Please see the file INSTALL.txt for information on installing PyDDE.

The file LICENSE.txt for important licensing and warranty information; the file GPL.txt contains the actual license. Your use of PyDDE and its source code is governed by these conditions; if you do not agree with them please uninstall PyDDE and delete the source distribution from your computer.


PyDDE is an open source numerical solver for systems of delay differential equations (DDEs), implemented as a Python package and written in both Python and C. It is built around the numerical routines of the R package ddesolve, which is itself based on Simon Wood's Solv95, a DDE solver for Microsoft Windows systems written in C.


0.2.2_2to3 - 21 December 2011

-- Patched 0.2.2 for python3 (patch via renato)

0.2.2 - 07 December 2008

-- Fixed a bug that resulted in failure to compile on some Mac OS X systems. (Thanks to Josh Lippai who reported the bug and coded the fix.) -- Various minor typographical corrections to the code and manual.

0.2.1 - 31 October 2007

-- Migrated to use the back-end from the R package 'ddesolve'.

0.1.3 - 25 April 2007

-- Fixed a memory 'leak' due to poor reference handling of Python objects in the C code. Python was keeping a reference to objects that should have been deleted. -- Fixed a segfault when updating or cleaning up the history buffer for models without any history variables. -- Fixed an apparent bug in The libraries field doesn't work with some versions of Python. Removing it doesn't seem to hurt, either.

0.1.2 - 23 April 2007

-- Improved memory management by better allocating and freeing the simulated data and history buffer at each dde.solve() call.

0.1.1 - 13 April 2007

-- Fixed a bug whereby a data variable would be defined twice, causing compilation errors on some systems (e.g. OS X with gcc 4.0.1).

0.1.0 - 14 December 2005

-- First release of PyDDE.