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Heptio is proud to present version 0.7 of Contour, our Envoy powered Kubernetes Ingress Controller.

New and improved

  • Support for rewriting a request prefix has been added to IngressRoute. See https://github.com/heptio/contour/blob/master/docs/ingressroute.md#prefix-rewrite-support for more information. Thanks @stevesloka
  • Support for contour.heptio.com/ingress.class has been added to IngressRoute. If the contour.heptio.com/ingress.class: production annotation is present on an IngressRoute object it will only be processed by Contour containers running with the flag --ingress-class-name=production. Thanks @amoskyler. Fixes #720
  • All incoming HTTP requests are now timestamped by Envoy with an X-Request-Start : header. This header is understood by New Relic and datadog to time the end-to-end latency of a request. Thanks @yob. Fixes #646
  • Support for TLS/1.3 is now enabled for all incoming requests. Thanks @chromefire. Fixes #672
  • Gzip compression has been enabled for all responses. Thanks @yob. Fixes #310.
  • Envoy has been upgraded to 1.7.0. Older version of Envoy are not compatible with Contour 0.7.0. Please see the Upgrading section for more information.
  • Support for HTTP/1.0 requests has been added. Fixes #537
  • Envoy now exposes a /healthz endpoint on port 8002 for use with the kubelet's readiness probe. Thanks @stevesloka. Fixes #695

Bugs fixed (since 0.6.1)

  • k8s.io/client-go has been upgraded to v8.0.0 (Kubernetes v1.11.3).
  • envoyproxy/go-control-plane has been upgraded to v0.6.0.
  • AWS NLB documentation and example deployments have been updated for the service.beta.kubernetes.io/aws-load-balancer-type: nlb anotation added in Kubernetes 1.9.
  • A bug affecting deployments which explicitly set the contour bootstrap --stats-address flag has been fixed. Thanks @josebiro. Fixes #742

Upgrade instructions

Due to a change in the xDS wire format Contour 0.7.0 requires Envoy 1.7.0. Earlier versions of Envoy will not work with Contour 0.7.0. Please ensure you upgrade your Deployments or Daemonsets to use this Envoy image


If desired you can upgrade your Envoy container first, then your Contour container. This will cause Envoy to emit warnings like these

[2018-10-25 23:15:43.382][1][warning][misc] source/common/config/utility.cc:94] Setting a cluster name for API config source type envoy::api::v2::core::ConfigSource::GRPC is deprecated

When running against Contour 0.6.1. These warnings will cease once Contour is upgraded to 0.7.0.