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fixes very small typo

  - `flushing` was missing the `h`
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1 parent 8d513d0 commit ba0c72f87077c3219fc6a28b4d96f24b00524a4f @xentek xentek committed Oct 31, 2013
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@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@ class Lpxc
#After parsing opts and initializing defaults, the initializer
#will start 2 threads. One thread for sending HTTP requests and another
- #thread for flusing log messages to the outlet thread periodically.
+ #thread for flushing log messages to the outlet thread periodically.
#:hash => {}:: A data structure for grouping log messages by token.
#:request_queue => Contains HTTP requests ready for outlet thread to deliver to logplex.
#:default_token => nil:: You can specify a token that will be used for any call to Lpxc#puts that doesn't include a token.

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