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Heroku Nav

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This is a Ruby gem providing a Rack middleware to help Heroku add-on providers displaying a customized header for users coming from a single sign-on session.


Use it just like any Rack middleware:

require 'heroku/nav'
use Heroku::Nav::Provider

That will fetch the latest header from our API and insert it as the first element inside the body tag when the cookie "heroku-nav-data" is defined.

For Rails apps, add it to your Gemfile:

gem 'heroku-nav', :require => 'heroku/nav'

And add the middleware like:

config.middleware.use Heroku::Nav::Provider

By default the header will be inserted only in responses with status 200. You can insert it in responses with different status codes with the :status config param:

config.middleware.use Heroku::Nav::Provider, :status => [200, 404]

To don't display the header on a given request path you can use the :except config param:

config.middleware.use Heroku::Nav::Provider, :except => /admin/


Written by Pedro Belo, with contributions from:

  • Todd Matthews
  • David Dollar
  • Caio Chassot
  • Raul Murciano
  • Jonathan Dance

Released under the MIT license.

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