Heron Mapping Client (formerly geoext-viewer on Google Code)
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This is the repository for the Heron Mapping Client, Heron MC or nicknamed Heron.

NOTE: this project was moved from Google Code on may 10, 2015.
This GitHub is now the official Heron MC repo!!

Some pointers:

website: http://heron-mc.org  - CHECK THIS WEBSITE FIRST
downloads: http://heron-mc.org/download
hosted versions under http://lib.heron-mc.org/heron
development: https://github.com/heron-mc/heron-mc
latest examples: http://lib.heron-mc.org/heron/latest/examples
some apps from under /apps: http://apps.heron-mc.org

The Heron roadmap is in the Wiki and CHANGES.md:

If you have Python installed you may run a simple HTTP server and
start using heron from your machine (http://localhost:8000). See heron/startheron.*

For developers:
To build a version go to heron/build and read instructions there, but
better is to download a version from website: http://heron-mc.org

To update docs and website read www/readme.website.

We try to make web mapping easy !

Directories below contain:

apps - applications built with Heron
docsrc - documentation sources (Sphinx)
heron - the core, library, resources and examples
tools - some handy tools (internal use mainly)
www - loose resources for website (unimportant)