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CryptoNote Switching Relay Proxy v4.4.5

Forked from repository: CryoptonoteUI

Basic Instructions

  1. install node.js version 8 as the minimum
  2. install libraries with "npm i ."
  3. adjust config.json
  4. start with "node proxy.js"
  5. don't open index.html from this repo, to control the switch point your browser to the "httpport" as in config.json

Windows Installation Guide for pre-fork version by Seb The installation guide provides the basics for running the proxy. There are small configuration details that the Switching Relay Proxy requires. For this, please see the config.json_commented file. The proxy needs you to create config.json and you can edit either the plain example file, or the commented config file, and rename it to config.json.

Basic Configuration Guide for Switching Relay Proxy

Multi Algo Configuration Guide for use with SRBMiner


Contact me at the support mail or at contact page if you want to sponsor a feature.

For BTC donations: 3LhbnGPZ3YUTjWicDi1M3YwRTpGD8f3wWr

Version History

Changes in 4.4.5

  • Added Hasvhault Pool Api V3

Changes in 4.4.4

  • Added Crex24, Qtrade, Xcalibra ticker apis
  • Added more mappings for RandomX variants
  • Added a digit for sub-satoshi value coins
  • Removed Cryptopia ticker api

Changes in 4.4.3

  • Added RandomX and Argon2 algo mappings
  • Fixed connection errors when no coin was selected and no default coin was set on initial miner connection
  • Fixed hashrate and expected income stats when no hashrate was submitted
  • Fixed config read error when no name was set for the merged coin
  • Removed FirstCryptoBank ticker api

Changes in 4.4.2

  • Added FirstCryptoBank ticker api

Changes in 4.4.1

  • Added STEX ticker api
  • Added notification for config errors during runtime
  • Added per-user setting support - This will allow you to set auto-switch on for certain users upon a reboot and auto-run.

Changes in 4.4.0

  • Added merged mining earning display and profitability support
  • Added sanity check that prevents wrong values when switching between users in UI

Changes in 4.3.6

  • Added new mappings for Graft cn/rwz and WowNero cn/wow.
  • Added new pool api (HashVault).
  • Detected pool api is now displayed in "More Info" dropdown.

Changes in 4.3.5

  • Added new mappings for Monero cn/r.
  • Added new pool api (BombApi).

Changes in 4.3.4

  • Added new mappings for new algos for those using algo switching.

Changes in 4.3.3

  • Fix for cases when a single TCP message contained multiple stratum messages.

Changes in 4.3.2

  • Added Monero's new algo to algo map list.
  • Added a new pool api type for a total of 4 types of pool apis (all pool api's are auto detected)
  • Added Cryptopia and MapleChange Ticker Api's, on top of the default TradeOgre api

Changes in 4.3.1

  • You can now select price-type for each coin: "sell", "market", and "buy" price. "sell" price is default, this is the price that you can sell the coin.
  • You can now set a custom price for each coin - this allows you to profit-switch to coin based on difficulty without being affected by market movements, or include coins that are not yet on exchanges to auto-switching based on the price you speculate/intend to sell the coin.
  • Made proxy nicehash friendly again, fixed regression caused by killing sockets using duplicate passwords when multi-algo mode is not active.
  • Each user defined in config.json can have a unique default coin
  • Made ticker api extensible like the miner api

Changes in 4.2.3

  • Config.json now understands SRBMiner style namings for the algo property.
  • Fix MultiAlgo on some pools that does not communicate with the latest algo negotiation standards, or pools that have poorly interpreted the latest standards.
  • Workers can now request difficulties individually:
    • In config.json You need to set a default difficulty using pool's preferred syntax, like before.
      • e.g. "name": "",
    • In miner's pool settings, set the username like before, and add ".difficulty" at the end.
      • e.g.: "UserA.200000" or "UserA+200000"

Changes in 4.2.2

  • Kill obsolete tcp sockets not properly ended by miner during algo changes
  • Fix bug getting hashrates from miner when miner supports algo-perf extension

Changes in 4.2.1

  • Added multi algo switch support through xmrig stratum extensions. At the time of release SRBMiner and XMRig CPU supports native algo-switching
  • UI changes for a leaner look
  • Fixed miner reward amount when there's coinbase fee involved (This fixes Bittube miner reward problem which showed lower earnings compared to actual earnings)
  • Fixed a bug causing the coin evalulation to be called multiple times.

Changes in 4.1.1:

  • Added aggregate push notifications (Aggregate all messages within time span set in configuration)
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Config.json now can have comments


Cryptonote proxy with profit calculator that enables instant coin switching for any miner and multi-algo switching for select miners.



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