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Demo Code for HexBright
C Arduino Perl
Latest commit 5c36217 Dec 6, 2012 Andrew Magill Updated factory code
Fixed an issue where, in rare circumstances, the button can become
unresponsive due to PD2 floating.

HexBright Demo Code


This is the software that ships with the Hexbright Flex. Button presses cycle through off, low, medium, and high modes. Hold down the button while off for blinky mode.


Fancier than the factory program, but designed for everyday usability. Button presses cycle through off, low and high modes. Hold the light horizontally, hold the button down, and rotate about the long axis clockwise to increase brightness, and counter-clockwise to decrease brightness- the brightness sticks when you let go of the button. While holding the button down, give the light a firm tap to change to blinky mode, and another to change to dazzle mode.


Flashes out a message in morse code every time you press the button. Nothing else. The message and speed are easy to change- you can see and change both in the first lines of code.


Hold the button down, and with your other hand firmly tap on the light. Tap some more times, and let go of the button. The exact sequence of taps will be recorded and then played back as flashes until you press the button again to turn off.


Light turns on only while the button is being held down. That's it.


Light runs in dazzle mode only as long as the button is being held down.


Hold the button down, and light fades up and down. Let go, and it holds the current brightness. Another press to turn off.

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