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Find file Copy path
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use Mix.Config
config :hexpm,
store_impl: Hexpm.Store.S3,
billing_impl: Hexpm.Billing.Hexpm,
cdn_impl: Hexpm.CDN.Fastly,
tmp_dir: "tmp"
config :hexpm, HexpmWeb.Endpoint,
http: [compress: true],
url: [scheme: "https", port: 443],
load_from_system_env: true,
cache_static_manifest: "priv/static/cache_manifest.json"
config :hexpm, Hexpm.RepoBase, ssl: true
config :bcrypt_elixir, log_rounds: 12
config :rollbax,
environment: "prod",
enabled: true,
enable_crash_reports: true
config :hexpm,
topologies: [
kubernetes: [
strategy: Cluster.Strategy.Kubernetes,
config: [
mode: :dns,
kubernetes_node_basename: "hexpm",
kubernetes_selector: "app=hexpm",
polling_interval: 10_000
config :phoenix, :serve_endpoints, true
config :sasl, sasl_error_logger: false
config :logger, level: :info
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