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As a note, I'm no longer maintaining this library. There was a much simpler library by Louis Remi. I forked it a while back and ported over the portions of my library that were missing from his. Louis' approach is much simpler and more performant.

My fork is here

Louis Remi's is here

2D Transformations

This library uses native CSS3 transformations in supported browsers and relies on the matrix filter in Internet Explorer 8 and below.

NOTE: In Internet Explorer 8 and below, the transform-origin and the translate functions are simulated using relative positioning. Because of this, in Internet Explorer 8 and below, the top and left position of an element will be incorrect after it has been transformed. The solution is to wrap the element that is to be transformed and position that wrapper instead.

  • Since 0.9.0, proper units are required
  • Since 0.9.0, jQuery 1.4.3 or above is required

Supported Browsers

  • Native CSS3 Support
    • FireFox 3.5+
    • Safari 3.1+
    • Chrome
    • Opera 10.5+
    • Internet Explorer 9+
  • Matrix Filter Support
    • Internet Explorer 5.5 - 8


// Rotate 30 Degrees
$('#example').transform({rotate: '30deg'});

// Use CSS Hooks to Rotate
$('#example').css({rotate: '30deg'});

// Animate the rotation
$('#example').animate({rotate: '30deg'});

// Go Crazy
	matrix: [1, 0, 0, 1, 0, 0], //applies a matrix
	reflect: true, //same as rotate(180deg)
	reflectX: true, //mirrored upside down
	reflectXY: true, //same as reflectX + rotate(-90deg)
	reflectY: true, //mirrored
	rotate: '45deg', //rotates 45 degrees
	skew: ['10deg', '10deg'], //skews 10 degrees on the x and y axis
	skewX: '10deg', //skews 10 degrees on the x axis
	skewY: '10deg', //skews 10 degrees on the y axis
	scale: [1.5, 1.5], //scales by 1.5 on the x and y axis
	scaleX: 1.5, //scales by 1.5 on the x axis
	scaleY: 1.5, //scales by 1.5 on the y axis
	translate: ['20px', '20px'], //moves the transformation 20px on the x and y axis
	translateX: 20px', //moves the transformation 20px on the x axis
	translateY: '20px', //moves the transformation 20px on the y axis
	origin: ['20%', '20%']  //changes the transformation origin

// Properties can be strings or arrays
$('#example').css({skew: ['10deg', '10deg']});
$('#example').css({skew: '10deg, 10deg'});

// For animation, arrays should be nested because of jQuery's per-property easing support
$('#example').animate({skew: ['10deg', '10deg']}); // technically this defines nonsense easing of 10deg
$('#example').animate({skew: [['10deg', '10deg']]}); // this is a friendlier way of supporting this


jQuery 2d transformation plugin






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