Implementation in MATLAB-based CVX of a new approximation strategy to support exponential cone using symmetric cone solvers and various other functions derived from matrix logarithm
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CVXQUAD is a collection of functions to be used with the MATLAB-based convex optimization tool CVX. It implements a new approximation strategy to treat the exponential cone as well as various functions based on matrix logarithm using symmetric cone solvers. This package is based on the paper:

Semidefinite approximations of matrix logarithm
Hamza Fawzi, James Saunderson and Pablo A. Parrilo

available at


Unpack the zip file and add the folder to your MATLAB path.

Replacing successive approximation

To replace the successive approximation functionality of CVX whenever the exponential cone is used (e.g., when using rel_entr or in GP mode), copy the file "exponential/exponential.m" to the folder "sets" in your CVX installation (you may want to keep a copy of the existing file in case you want to revert to the successive approximation method).


The following code uses the quantum_rel_entr function of CVXQUAD to compute the nearest correlation matrix to a given matrix M, in the quantum relative entropy sense.

n = 4;
M = randn(n,n);
M = M*M';
  variable X(n,n) symmetric
  minimize quantum_rel_entr(M,X)
  subject to
    diag(X) == ones(n,1)

Functions and sets

rel_entr_quad(x,y) x.*log(x./y) convex in (x,y)
quantum_entr(X) -trace(X*logm(X)) concave in X
quantum_rel_entr(X,Y) trace(X*(logm(X)-logm(Y))) convex in (X,Y)
trace_logm(X,C) trace(C*logm(X)) concave in X
(C fixed positive semidefinite matrix)
trace_mpower(X,t,C) trace(C*X^t) concave in X for t in [0,1]
convex in X for t in [-1,0] or [1,2]
(C fixed positive semidefinite matrix)
lieb_ando(X,Y,K,t) trace(K' * X^{1-t} * K * Y^t) concave in (X,Y) for t in [0,1]
convex in (X,Y) for t in [-1,0] or [1,2]
(K is a fixed matrix)
op_rel_entr_epi_cone Operator relative entropy cone
matrix_geo_mean_hypo_cone Matrix geometric mean hypograph cone
matrix_geo_mean_epi_cone Matrix geometric mean epigraph cone


To cite the package in your work, you can use the following bibtex code:

  title={Semidefinite approximations of the matrix logarithm},
  author={Fawzi, Hamza and Saunderson, James and Parrilo, Pablo A.},
  journal={Foundations of Computational Mathematics},
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