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OpenMoji 15.0

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@b-g b-g released this 21 Dec 07:55
· 42 commits to master since this release
๐ŸŽ„๐Ÿฅถ OpenMoji 15.0 - 21 Dec 2023

Many improvements, fixes and new OpenMojis:
๐Ÿ‘‰ Full support of Unicode Emoji 15.0.
๐Ÿ‘‰ New font build system
๐Ÿ‘‰ Lots of fixes and redesigns
๐Ÿ‘‰ New (open source and programming languages) logos and symbols

๐Ÿ™ Special thanks to @RobertWinslow and @mavit for the epic colorfont build system!

  + OpenMoji colorfonts for desktop and web by @RobertWinslow #422
  + hyphen-minus symbol (codepoint 002D) by @RobertWinslow #93
  + rounded Chinese folk symbols Fรบ Lรน Shรฒu etc. by @RobertWinslow #431
  + Element instant messaging brand logo by @SethFalco #451
  + Jellyfin brand logo by @JenTheBluePanda #452
  + glass and plastic (water) bottle by @BenediktSeidl #454 #447
  + Artstation brand logo by @SethFalco #463
  + Reddit and Discord brand logos by Allison Fister @alfister #470
  + moose and black bird by Jasmin Fassler & Linda Hartmann
  + windsurfing emoji by Mostafa Hussein Omar #469
  + new Unicode v15 emojis by Anna Schneider, Ben Engelhardt, Charlotte Beha,
    Christian Engler, Jasmin Fassler, Jennifer Zhu, Kathrin Gerold,
    Kira Lehmann, Linda Hartmann, Paul Gabriel, Paul Mang,Raluca Maniu,
    Simon Rutsch, Sonja Partheymรผller, Katja Widmann
  + 18 openmoji-extras from openmoji-xk-extensions by Xavier Martรญnez @xavizardKnight #479
    Motorbike helmet and Guy Fawkes mask
    subdivision flags: Valencian Community ES-VC, Balearic Islands ES-IB,
    Aragon ES-AR and Murcia ES-MC
    logos: C programming language, C++ programming language, C# programming language,
    Chrome Canary, Firefox Developer, Firefox Canary, JavaScript programming language,
    TypeScript programming language, WebAssembly, SVG, Markdown, WinRAR

  * fix symbol for ionising radiation to correct orientation by @RobertWinslow #421
  * add black elements for Nepal's flag by @RobertWinslow #421
  * various improvements/alterations of svg src files by @RobertWinslow #420
  * clean up flag paths (reasonable rounding) by @samhocevar #411
  * adjusting and cleaning up openmoji meta data by @waldyrious
    #407 #406 #392 #391 #389 #388 #435 #432
  * adjust openmoji tags of nature-related emoji by @waldyrious #427
  * fix key emojis to not show color outside of the outlines by @rosseljost #448
  * redesign of 1FAD6 teapot by Andrew Luckett
  * 1F96F fix small spike on right side by @BenediktSeidl #455
  * 1F567 fix short hand to be actually twelve-thirty by @jkaving #465
  * fix regional indicators (ABC) in extras-unicode by Jasmin Fassler & Linda Hartmann
  * optimized extras-openmoji for upcoming dark mode by Jasmin Fassler & Linda Hartmann
  * optimized extras-unicode for upcoming dark mode by Jasmin Fassler & Linda Hartmann
  * fix incorrect skin tone for kiss: man, man #456
  * removed cross of coffin to make it better usable for non-Christians

  #426 by @RobertWinslow
  * Several paths have had superfluous colinear points removed (tophat and math symbols)
  * Several math symbols were centered
  * 1FAD7 (pouring liquid) was reworked to have thicker lines
  * The lines in 1F6EB and 1F6EC (airplane takeoff and landing) were likewise thickened
  * The post office symbol in 1F3E3 was made blockier and red
  * 1F691 (ambulance) was updated to have the correct symbol, the Star of Life #419 #417
  * The black version of the moon phases now has a black fill
  * 1F5C2 and 1F4C7 have made more distinct
  * 1F4C7 redesigned to be more similar to other emoji sets
  * The black flag 1F3F4 has had a path closed and reversed.
  * Lighten the background of 1F233
  * The 'E' in 1F4E7 (e-mail) has been rounded and copied into the line-supplement layer.

  * new build chain (based on Nanoemoji) with colorfont outputs for desktop and web
    by @RobertWinslow and Peter Oliver @mavit #422
  * Fix generating combined COLR/SVG fonts by @999eagle #458
  + New tests to check TTFs have expected tables by @mavit #464

  + npm run show-extras-hexcodes: shows an overview of private use hexcodes of the openmoji-extras
  * better Python code snippet in FAQ by @kolibril13 #405