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Exempi: XMP SDK (freedesktop mirror)
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XMPCore Merge branch 'adobe-sdk' into cc-2014-12-integration
XMPFiles Add new source files from the new SDK
XMPFilesPlugins Merge branch 'adobe-sdk' into cc-2014-12-integration
build Merge branch 'adobe-sdk' into cc-2014-12-integration
debian * ABI breakage: soversion is now 3
docs Update to XMP SDK CC 2014.12
exempi Add a new option flag XMP_OPEN_OPTIMIZEFILELAYOUT for opening.
m4 Fix Valgrind testing for xmpdump
public Merge branch 'adobe-sdk' into cc-2014-12-integration
rpm * ABI breakage: soversion is now 3
samples Merge branch 'adobe-sdk' into cc-2014-12-integration
source Merge branch 'adobe-sdk' into cc-2014-12-integration
third-party Update to XMP SDK CC-2013.06.
tools/cmake Update to XMP SDK CC 2014.12
.gitignore Merge branch 'exempi-2.3-branch'
AUTHORS Upgrade XMP SDK to cc 2013.06
BSD-License.txt Update to XMP SDK CC 2014.12
COPYING Updated Copyright info and NEWS
ChangeLog Bug #21934: Mismatched new [] / delete.
ChangeLog-pre.1.99.2 * exempi/exempi.cpp (xmp_files_get_xmp): More
ChangeLog-pre.1.99.3 new changelog
ChangeLog-pre.1.99.4 new version
ChangeLog-pre.1.99.5 add AC_CONFIG_MACRO_DIR to configure.
ChangeLog-pre.1.99.6 start 1.99.6
INSTALL clean distro Fix make dist
NEWS Updated NEWS file.
TODO update NEWS and TODO
XMP-Toolkit-SDK-Overview.pdf Update to XMP SDK CC 2014.12 * re-order commands in Merge branch 'exempi-2.3-branch'


exempi is a port of Adobe XMP SDK to work on UNIX and to be build with
GNU automake.

It includes XMPCore and XMPFiles, libexempi, a C-based API and exempi
a command line tool.

It is maintained by Hubert Figuiere <>

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