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Clang with JIT extensions
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clang-tools-extra Bump YamlDotNet in /clang-tools-extra/clang-tidy-vs/ClangTidy Oct 18, 2019
clang fixup symbol lookup on mac (patch by Lang Hames) Dec 30, 2019
compiler-rt [sanitizers] add a regression test for the bug fixed in r354366 Feb 19, 2019
debuginfo-tests Set config.lit_tools_dir, which is needed by lit.llvm.initialize. Nov 6, 2018
libclc Adjust documentation for git migration. Jan 29, 2019
libcxx [compiler-rt] Build custom libcxx with libcxxabi Feb 17, 2019
libcxxabi [libcxxabi][CMake] Drop unused HandleOutOfTreeLLVM include Feb 18, 2019
libunwind [CMake] Don't cache LLVM_MAIN_SRC_DIR Feb 13, 2019
lld [mips] Fix indentations in the test. NFC Feb 19, 2019
lldb Revert "minidump: Add ability to attach (breakpad) symbol files to pl… Feb 19, 2019
llgo Adjust documentation for git migration. Jan 29, 2019
llvm initial cuda support working Mar 22, 2019
openmp [OpenMP] Remove XFAIL for cancellation tests using gcc Feb 19, 2019
parallel-libs Fix typos throughout the license files that somehow I and my reviewers Jan 21, 2019
polly [opaque pointer types] Update calls to CreateCall to pass the function Feb 8, 2019
pstl [pstl] Remove some warnings when compiling with a recent Clang Feb 15, 2019
.arcconfig Update monorepo .arcconfig with new project callsign. Jan 31, 2019
.clang-format Add .clang-tidy and .clang-format files to the toplevel of the Jan 29, 2019
.clang-tidy link to the wiki in the top-level readme Mar 1, 2019

This repository is a fork of LLVM providing a Clang with just-in-time (JIT) compilation extensions!

For more information, see:

The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure

This directory and its subdirectories contain source code for LLVM, a toolkit for the construction of highly optimized compilers, optimizers, and runtime environments.

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