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Copyright(C) 2014-2017, CRAG (Commission paritaire Romande d'Apprentissage de Géomaticien(ne)s)

TopoSuite on the Play Store TopoSuite on the F-Droid

TopoSuite for Android is an application developed by hgdev and commissioned by the CRAG (Commission paritaire Romande d'Apprentissage de Géomaticien(ne)s).

The application development is currently sponsored by the CRAG, CF-Geo, CEPM, CPLN, EPCA and Pro-Geo. If you are interested in seeing more features or improvements to this application, please, contact us.

This application is free software licensed under the GPLv2 license (see LICENSE). This means that you can freely use, study, redistribute and modify this program. You must, however, publish any changes to the source code and make them available under the same license.


TopoSuite is an application for land surveyors running on Android 4.0.3 and later versions. It is useful for determining new geographical points based on measurements and it offers various calculations possibilities.

Here is a list of supported calculations:

  • Polar calculations
    • station orientation
    • free station
    • polar survey
    • polar implantation
    • axis implantation
  • Orthogonal calculations
    • orthogonal survey
    • orthogonal tracking
    • orthogonal implantation
  • Intersections calculations
    • lines intersection
    • circles intersections
    • line / circle intersections
  • Surfaces calculations
    • surface included with arc of a circle
    • parallel limit displacement regarding compulsory surface
  • Miscellaneous
    • field / distance
    • point projection on a line
    • circle computation using three points
    • arc of a circle segmentation
  • Mathematics
    • triangle solver
    • circular elements resolution

Data, such as points, may be imported into the application. Supported input files are CSV (with ";" as a separator for now), LTOP and PTP. The list of points can be exported to CSV and shared through e-mail, etc.

It is currently available in English and French (German planned).


This program has been developed in accordance with rules that are valid for land surveying in Switzerland (angles are determined in gradian, lengths are in meters and distance/surface results are rounded to the fourth decimal for instance).


Contributions are welcome. Simple bug fixes or minor improvements should usually be easily accepted. However, if you plan on adding a major feature, contact us beforehand so we can make sure that it fits with the overall goals of the application.


This application is free but developers have to eat nonetheless. If you think this piece of software is useful to you, feel free to contribute by making a donation. If you feel like a feature is missing and you would like to have it implemented, consider sponsoring the development of this feature. Several organizations have already contributed to the development of this application. Why not yours? Feel free to contact us about this.