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Clean Code ReSharper Plugin Project


An experiment in trying to automate some of concepts described in Uncle Bob's books on Clean Code.

This is a ReSharper extension to analyse your C# code to highlight a symptom that your code is becoming too complex, is not "clean" enough. Increased complexity can make your code harder to read, understand and maintain. The plugin currently checks:

  • Too many dependencies - warns when a constructor has too many interfaces passed in.
  • Excessive indentation - warns if a class contains members with too much indentation.
  • Too many chained references - warns if an expression has too many chained statements, is potentially violating the Law of Demeter. The check will try to ignore fluent APIs - if the type returned is the same as the type invoked, it doesn't count.
  • Method too long - warns when a method contains too many statements.
  • Class too big - warns if a class has too many method declarations.
  • Too many method parameters - warns if a method has too many parameters.
  • Method name not meaningful - simple check that a method name is longer than a certain threshold.
  • Method flag parameters - warns if a boolean or enum method parameter is used in an if statement with the method. This is an indication that the method has more than one responsibility.
  • Condition complexity - warns if the condition in an if statement contains too many expressions.
  • Hollow type names - warns if a class has a name with a suffix that is too general, e.g. Handler, Manager, Controller. The list of names is configurable.

The limits used by each analysis are configurable in the options page.

Upcoming features

Please log feature requests and bugs in Issues. Note that this version only supports C#.


Install from ReSharper → Extension Manager.


Licensed under MIT (c) 2012 - 2016 Hadi Hariri and Contributors

Note: All references to Clean Code, including but not limited to the Clean Code icon are used with permission of Robert C. Martin (a.k.a. UncleBob)