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This repository contains the IDE settings for Eclipse and Intellij IDEA.

Import these in your IDE if you plan to make changes to the Hibernate source code, so that you can follow consistent formatting and style conventions with every other contributor.

Importing in IDEA

Copy the hibernate_orm.xml style file in your IDEA configuration.

The path on OSX is:

  • ~/Library/Preferences/IdeaIC14/codestyles/

On Linux it is:

  • ~/.IntelliJIdea14/config/codestyles

On Windows:

  • .IntelliJIdea14\config\codestyles

Importing code styles can also be done through the UI.

To do so:

  • go to IntelliJ IDEA -> Preferences on a Mac or File -> Settings on Windows
  • then to Editor -> Code Style -> Java and click Manage
  • in the Code Style Schemas dialog, press Import and add the provided XML file
  • after that, select the imported schema from the Schema dropdown

Importing in Eclipse

In Eclipse, you import the three provided files from within the UI. Open menu Window -> Preferences; then open section Java -> Code Style. You'll see three sub sections:

  • Clean Up
  • Code Templates
  • Formatter

Each of these has a separate Import button; import the provided xml files and then mark them as active in the current profile.