Hibernate Validator - Bean Validation 2.0 (JSR 380) Reference Implementation
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Hibernate Validator

Version: 5.3.0.CR1 - 05-09-2016

What is it?

This is the reference implementation of JSR-380 - Bean Validation 2.0. Bean Validation defines a metadata model and API for JavaBean as well as method validation. The default metadata source are annotations, with the ability to override and extend the meta-data through the use of XML validation descriptors.


The documentation for this release is included in the docs directory of the distribution package or can be accessed online.

Release Notes

The full list of changes for this release can be found in changelog.txt.

System Requirements

JDK 1.8 or above.

Using Hibernate Validator

  • In case you use the distribution archive from the download site, copy dist/hibernate-validator-<version>.jar together with all jar files from dist/lib/required into the classpath of your application. For the purposes of logging, Hibernate Validator uses the JBoss Logging API, an abstraction layer which supports several logging solutions such (e.g. log4j or the logging framework provided by the JDK) as implementation. Just add a supported logging library to the classpath (e.g. log4j-<version>.jar) and JBoss Logging will delegate any log requests to that provider.

  • Add the following to your Maven or Ivy dependency list


    You also need an API and implementation of the Unified Expression Language. These dependencies must be explicitly added in an SE environment. In an EE environment they are often already provided.

  • Bean Validation defines integration points with CDI. If your application runs in an environment which does not provide this integration out of the box, you may use the Hibernate Validator CDI portable extension by adding the following dependency:

  • hibernate-validator-annotation-processor-<version>.jar is an optional jar which can be integrated with your build environment respectively IDE to verify that constraint annotations are correctly used. Refer to the online documentation for more information.


Hibernate Validator itself as well as the Bean Validation API and TCK are all provided and distributed under the Apache Software License 2.0. Refer to license.txt for more information.

Build from Source

You can build Hibernate Validator from source by cloning the git repository git://github.com/hibernate/hibernate-validator.git. You will also need a JDK 8 and Maven 3 (>= 3.0.3). With these prerequisites in place you can compile the source via

mvn -s settings-example.xml clean install

There are more build options available as well. For more information refer to Contributing to Hibernate Validator.

Build on JDK 9

To build Hibernate Validator with JDK 9, export the following environment variable:

export MAVEN_OPTS="-addmods java.annotations.common,java.xml.bind"

Then the build can be started like this:

mvn -s settings-example.xml clean install -DdisableDocumentationBuild=true -DdisableDistributionBuild

The documentation and distribution modules are known to not work on Java 9 for the time being, hence they need to be excluded. Also the integration tests on WildFly will fail on Java 9 currently, hence this "integration" module is excluded automatically when building on JDK 9.

Continuous Integration

The official Continuous Integration service for the project is hosted on ci.hibernate.org.

We provide a .travis.yml file so that you can enable CI for your GitHub fork by enabling the build in your Travis CI account.

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