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pragma solidity ^0.4.24;
import "./Math.sol";
* The LockDrop contract locks up funds of depositors
* with a verifiable receipt/proof that can be used to
* redeem tokens on a separate, compatible blockchain.
* The tokens with be locked for a specified time length.
* The tokens are minted at a rate that grows according
* to the chosen locking schedule.
contract LockDrop is DSMath {
uint constant THREE_MONTHS = 91;
uint constant SIX_MONTHS = 182;
uint public tokenCapacity;
uint public tokenPrice;
uint public ending;
struct Lock {
uint amount;
uint numOfTokens;
uint lockEnding;
mapping (address => Lock[]) locks;
event Deposit(address indexed sender, uint numOfTokens, bytes32 indexed receiver, uint lockIndex);
event Unlock(address indexed sender, uint lockIndex);
event Withdraw(address indexed sender, uint value);
modifier hasNotEnded() {
require(now <= ending, "lock-drop-ended");
modifier hasEnded() {
require(now > ending, "lock-drop-still-active");
constructor(uint _lockPeriodInDays, uint _tokenCapacity, uint _tokenPrice) public {
ending = add(now, mul(1 days, _lockPeriodInDays));
tokenCapacity = _tokenCapacity;
tokenPrice = _tokenPrice;
* @dev Lock function for participating in the lock drop
* @param _lengthInDays Number of days chosen for locking ether
function lock(uint _lengthInDays, bytes32 _receivingPubKey) payable public hasNotEnded {
require(msg.value > 0, "invalid-value");
require(tokenCapacity > 0, "no-more-tokens-available");
require(_receivingPubKey != 0x0, "invalid-public-key");
// Calculate the bonus we want to give to a sender based on lock duration
uint effectiveAmount = calculateEffectiveAmount(msg.value, _lengthInDays);
require(effectiveAmount >= tokenPrice, "insufficient-amount-for-minimum-purchase");
// Calculate how much tokens sender is buying
uint numOfTokens = effectiveAmount / tokenPrice;
// Ensure effectiveAmount is less or equal than tokens left
require(numOfTokens <= tokenCapacity, "amount-exceeds-available-tokens");
tokenCapacity = sub(tokenCapacity, numOfTokens);
// Create deposit with paid amount and specified length
// of time. The lock ending is determined as the specified
// time length after the ending of the lock up period in days.
Lock memory l = Lock({
amount: msg.value,
numOfTokens: numOfTokens,
lockEnding: add(ending, mul(_lengthInDays, 1 days))
// Emit Deposit event
emit Deposit(msg.sender, numOfTokens, _receivingPubKey, locks[msg.sender].length - uint(1));
* @dev Unlock function reverts the lock before the lock starts
* @param _lockIndex The deposit index to unlock
function unlock(uint _lockIndex) public hasNotEnded {
require(locks[msg.sender].length > _lockIndex, "lock-not-found");
// Don't spend users gas if deposit is already unlocked
require(locks[msg.sender][_lockIndex].amount > 0, "deposit-already-unlocked");
// Save amount to memory and delete the lock
Lock memory l = locks[msg.sender][_lockIndex];
delete locks[msg.sender][_lockIndex];
// Make the tokens available for other buyers
tokenCapacity = add(tokenCapacity, l.numOfTokens);
// Send the funds back to owner
// Emit Unlock event
emit Unlock(msg.sender, _lockIndex);
* @dev Withdraw function should withdraw all valid ether after lock
function withdraw() public hasEnded {
require(locks[msg.sender].length > 0, "no-locks-found");
uint amount = 0;
// Iterate over all locks
for (uint i = 0; i < locks[msg.sender].length; i++) {
Lock memory curr = locks[msg.sender][i];
// Aggregate deposit if ending has passed and lockEnding is valid
if (now >= curr.lockEnding && curr.lockEnding != 0) {
amount = add(amount, curr.amount);
delete locks[msg.sender][i];
// We dont want to spend users gas if there is no amount locked
require(amount > 0, "no-locked-amount-found");
emit Withdraw(msg.sender, amount);
function calculateEffectiveAmount(uint _value, uint _length) public pure returns (uint _effectiveValue) {
require(_length >= THREE_MONTHS, "invalid-lock-duration");
if (_length < SIX_MONTHS) {
return _value;
// maximum period is 2 years (4 * SIX_MONTHS)
uint period = min(4, _length / SIX_MONTHS);
uint bonus = mul(_value, mul(period, 3.75 ether)) / 100 ether;
uint effectiveValue = add(_value, bonus);
return effectiveValue;
function getTotalLocks(address _user) public view returns (uint _length) {
return locks[_user].length;
function getLockAt(address _user, uint _index) public view returns (uint amount, uint numOfTokens, uint lockEnding) {
return (locks[_user][_index].amount, locks[_user][_index].numOfTokens, locks[_user][_index].lockEnding);
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