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Boston University - Software & Application Innovation Lab

Professional research software engineering lab that acts as a driver and collaborator for computational and data-oriented research across Boston University.

Popular repositories

  1. Need HockeyApp in your Ionic application, add this package!

    TypeScript 19 7

  2. Build Your Own Computer Adaptive Test (CAT). Fully customizable, extensible web-based CAT platform for anything you wish.

    JavaScript 10 6

  3. anchor Public

    JavaScript 10 4

  4. Library for combinatorially specifying, constraining, and exploring genetic design spaces.

    JavaScript 8 7

  5. power Public

    A multi-threaded Python library for PowerWorld.

    Python 3 1

  6. Official web presence of the Software & Application Innovation Lab at Boston University's Hariri Institute for Computing

    TypeScript 3 4


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