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CCBlade - Fruit Ninja Blade effect implementation in cocos2d.
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Merge pull request #12 from Panajev/gles2-ARCified

(+): upgraded the project to the latest stable Cocos2D 2.0 and converted the project to ARC.
latest commit 5197f0ce72
@hiepnd authored


Add TouchTrailLayer to your scene to see how it works.

Streak texture:
- Texture size 128 x 16
- Fisrt 32 x 16 is mapped to the head of the blade
- Next 32 x 16 is mapped to the body
- Next 32 x 16 is mapped to the tail
- Last 32 x 16 is unused

- CCBlade.m, TouchTrailLayer.m and all .m file that use CCBlade or TouchTrailLayer should
have the File Type of sourcecode.cpp.objcpp (right click .m file in Xcode go to first tab and under
File Type drop down list choose the right option)
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