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Get Apps

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😎 Everything can be downloaded via Get Apps!


Get Apps is an online service that helps you download applications and resources with a simple link. Our Blog Posts

Current Support List: View


  • Nice and short url,{appname}
  • Alias available, is the same as
  • Full platform supported, included Windows macOS Android iOS
  • Always download the latest version of the program
  • Optimized code to load quickly across the globe

How to Use It

Normal Usage

  • Simply enter{appname} in your browser.

  • If you see a 404 error, that means the app you are downloading is not currently supported. Check out Join In Us page.

  • If you see an alert like this:

    Make sure you can access foreign websites normally. This is a feature which can remind users in China Mainland to use proxy when downloading certain restricted apps. If you are not in China Mainland, just ignore this and select OK.

  • Current Support List:

Alias System

  • For English users, our alias system is nice and simple: we don't have much alias. That's because I am a Chinese and not quite sure if googlechrome can be abbreviated as gc. But if you have any good ideas, please tell us at Issue.

  • For Chinese users, we create alias for a app in three ways:

    1. Chinese Pinyin in full, like wangyiyunyinyue
    2. The first letter of the Pinyin, like wyyyy
    3. English translation for the Chinese name, such as cloudmusic or formatfactory

    These alias above can be available for any Chinese apps. If there are any mistakes, please also let us know at Issue.

How Does It Work

Currently we support more than 50 apps, you may find them in

First Get Apps will identify your OS:

    if (/(x64|WOW64)/i.test(navigator.userAgent)) {
        window.location.href = "";
    if (/(x86_64)/i.test(navigator.userAgent)) {
        window.location.href = "";
    if (/(Macintosh)/i.test(navigator.userAgent)) {
        window.location.href = "";
	// If this app does not support a platform
    if (/(iPhone|iPod)/i.test(navigator.userAgent)) {
        alert("This app does not work on your device.");
    if (/(iPad)/i.test(navigator.userAgent)) {
        alert("This app does not work on your device.");
    if (/(Android)/i.test(navigator.userAgent)) {
        alert("This app does not work on your device.");

As preperation, we use the developer tools in Chrome to get download links for specific apps significiant app. For example, the download link for Atom is as follows:

This link will automattically redirect you to the the latest stable version of Atom (this one is for Windows 64 bit), which looks like this:

Therefore we are able to serve you with the latest version of the app. We can also find permanent links in other ways, such as relying on third-party APIs.

Join Us

If you have any ideas or requests,you may tell us in Issue , at the same time we welcome all kinds of pull requests.

Submit New App Support

  1. Check out to make sure it is not currently supported

  2. Get Apps is based on Jekyll. Make sure you have the appropriate development environment.

  3. Fork this repo. Clone to local.

  4. Add our formatted scripts with the permanent download links in _posts\{appname}\{year}-{month}-{date}-{appname}.md

  5. Submit a pull request.

Join Our Discussion

  1. GitHub Issue
  2. QQ Chat Group


  1. Make sure you have the Jekyll development environment.
  2. Clone to local.
  3. cd path/to/repo/Get
  4. jekyll s

Sponsored the Development of Get Apps

Honestly, this project is not complicated and may not be worth your donation to us. In this case, star might be a good choice!

But if you really want to donate us, you are more than welcome to do so.



Get Apps © Huangxin, Released under the MIT License.
Authored and maintained by Huangxin with help from contributors.

Blog @Tech HXCO · GitHub @hifocus

Notice: This draws on RSSHub.


Get apps instantly via web. (This project is temporarily deprecated, only being routinely maitnained)




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