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Sends rundeck notification messages to a slack channel. This plugin is based on rundeck-slack-plugin(based on run-hipchat-plugin).

Installation Instructions

See the Installing Plugins | Rundeck Documentation for more information on installing rundeck plugins.

Download jarfile

  1. Download jarfile from releases.
  2. copy jarfile to $RDECK_BASE/libext


  1. build the source by gradle.
  2. copy jarfile to $RDECK_BASE/libext

build with docker.

$ docker build -t rundeck-slack-incoming-webhook-plugin:latest .
$ docker run --rm -v `pwd`:/home/rundeck-slack-incoming-webhook-plugin rundeck-slack-incoming-webhook-plugin:latest

it creates ./build/libs/rundeck-slack-incoming-webhook-plugin-0.?.jar


This plugin uses Slack incoming-webhooks. Create a new webhook and copy the provided url.

The only required configuration settings are:

  • WebHook URL: Slack incoming-webhook URL. Must be set at the project (or global rundeck level) by editing the project properties file, either by going to YOUR PROJECT > Project Settings > Edit Configuration > Edit Configuration File and adding the webhook URL as show below:

    configuration page

    Or from your terminal to /var/rundeck/projects/YOUR_PROJECT/etc/

    Can be optionally overridden at the notification level. Failing to set this property at the project or rundeck level will prevent the plugin from firing the notification, even if a value is provided at the job level.

  • Custom template: Can be used to apply a custom template to a specific notification. The template will be loaded from /etc/rundeck

Custom notification templates

In case you need to customize the notifications, it's possible to do so by copying the default templates from src/resources/templates to /etc/rundeck on the rundeck server.

The plugin will first try to read the template from /etc/rundeck first and, if not found, from itself.

Slack message example.

On success.

on success

On failure.

on failure



A Rundeck Plugin for Slack Incoming-WebHook



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