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High Fidelity is an early-stage technology lab experimenting with Virtual Worlds and VR.


You can download High Fidelity from our website.

If you prefer to build from source, you can find the codebase for High Fidelity in the hifi repository.


In this repository you'll find our content projects built for worlds that run on the High Fidelity platform. We welcome community contributions if you have created content that you would like to share with the developer community. You can find specific information about where specific content is used in the subdirectory readme files.

Our file structure is designed to store projects related to how they are deployed within High Fidelity, but recognize that not all content will fit neatly into a specific category.

  • DomainContent: Content that lives within a specific domain in High Fidelity, generally one that is open to the public. This repo is not meant for private hosting, but if you build something that we think would be a solid addition to a domain that we host, this is where it can go!

  • Marketplace: Content that is self-contained and is intended for or could be adopted to publish on the High Fidelity Marketplace.

  • Shared: A directory for utilities or other pieces of content that is meant to be easily ported across different domains and content pieces

  • Prototyping: For projects that are more experimental in nature

  • Utilities: Projects or code that is meant to extend the Interface functionality or provide other utility function for working in High Fidelity

If you find a bug and have a fix, pull requests are welcome. Please follow the guideliness in the Contributing file


Documentation is available at If you're just getting started with the platform, check out some of these pages to learn more:

There is also detailed documentation on our coding standards.