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Documentation | Live Editor

pintora Spanish for "female painter"

Pintora is an extensible javascript text-to-diagrams library that works in both browser and Node.js.

Expressing your thoughts in a diagram is better than a thousand words. With the help of pintora.js, you can create diagrams with intuitive text.

Heavily inspired by Mermaid.js and PlantUML.


  • In browser side, output SVG or Canvas.
  • In Node.js side, output PNG/JPG/SVG file.
  • Outputs are clean and self contained, won't pollute the page with global style.
  • Modular and highly extensible, provide a plugin system for diagram developer to write and distribute their own diagrams. Here is a tutorial Write a custom diagram | Pintora.

Diagram types

  • Sequence Diagram
  • Entity Relationship Diagram
  • Component Diagram
  • Activity Diagram
  • Mind Map
  • Gantt Diagram
name preview
Sequence Diagram
Entity Relationship Diagram
Component Diagram
Activity Diagram
Mind Map
Gantt Diagram
DOT Diagram

📖 Documentation

Check the online documentation and demo for more details.

💻 Editor Support

  • VSCode extension pintora-vscode, providing syntax highlight and preview support for .pintora file and markdown code fence.

Related Projects

🔭 Roadmap

  • Sequence Diagram and Entity Relationship Diagram
  • Pintora node.js cli
  • PlantUML style Component diagram
  • Theme config
  • PlantUML style Activity Diagram
  • Mind Map
  • Gantt Diagram
  • Class Diagram
  • Universal style customization solution
  • Load diagram implementation and canvas renderer only when needed

If you have good thoughts or feature requests, please feel free to start a new discussion.