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GitHub Pages-hosted Jekyll site that lists citations for obituaries written by the late Molly Ivins.
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This is a GitHub Pages-hosted Jekyll site that lists citations for obituaries written by the late Molly Ivins. I want to list a citation for every obituary that Molly Ivins wrote.

How to contribute

Thank you for being interested! I'm grateful for your help.

If you know of an obituary that Molly Ivins wrote that I haven't included already, would you please consider adding an issue or submitting a pull request?

To submit a PR with a new post, please:

  1. Follow the file naming and content format of any post in the _posts folder.
  2. Write it in GitHub-flavored Markdown.

Include a clear log message for your commit---one line is enough.

$ git commit -m "Brief summary of your commit, maybe including the name of the obituary subject and year published"

Post format explanation

Each post follows this format:

layout: post
title: "First-name Last-name"
date: 20YY-MM-DD
tags: [tag1, tag2, tag3, ...]

"Favorite quote from the obituary."

Molly Ivins, "Obituary Title," *Publication Name* Month DD, YYYY.

#### Read Online
Citation and link for the obituary published online (if available).

#### Also Published In
Other sources where people can find the obituary. Mollly Ivins' books sometimes include obituaries she wrote.

#### Other Versions
Citations and links (if available) for other versions of the obituaries. Some of them were syndicated or republished.

If you don't have information for any of the main content sections (like Also Published In), just omit those sections. The only required content is the front matter, a quote from the obit, and a citation for the obit.

Template attribution

The site template is based on a Jekyll template developed by James Williamson for his course Jekyll for Web Designers.

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