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SQL Injection Labs

This project is developed for the pentester who are learning SQL Injection, so that they can get a playground to apply their different wired concepts. Please don't use your SQL Injection skills anywhere where you don't have legal permission. Applying it on Live Websites is illegal and if you do so you have to face legal consequences.

You can download the project from Github - [] (


  1. Web Server (e.g Apache)
  2. PHP 5 OR Greater
  3. MySQL


  1. Download the zipfile of the application and extract
  2. Move the files to Web server folder
  3. Edit pre-defined WEBROOT variable in php-inc/settings.php to the URL of sqlilabs directory
  4. Open Browser the and the type the URL where the files are located (e.g http://localhost/sqlilabs)
  5. Then click on the Setup > Configuration
  6. Set the Database connection details and the Web Root path and create the files
  7. Then Click on Create/Restore Database and click on Create/Restore Database button to create the database
  8. Now you can start experimenting with the Examples


If have any idea you want to implement or think that there is a better way to implement any part please create a pull request and I will do my best to merge appropriately and include your name in the about section.