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Question Tagger Codechef API Hackathon

Tag. Track. Code. Improve

Question Tagger:

This is a multipurpose web app which one can use to tag and analyse his/her questions.

The key features of the web app are as follows:

  • Tag Questions - you can tag questions for your reference, so that you can practice questions of a particular tag later for improvement.

  • Analyse Tags - View all questions along with their submission status of the selected tag to gain insights of your ACs(accepted), WAs(wrong answer), TLEs(time limit exceeded), CTEs(compile time errors) and RTEs(run time error).

  • Test Generator - You can mark questions for improvement and can later create a practice test out of the questions available for improvement.

  • View Submission Status of Questions submitted during the mock test

Quick Links:

With ❤️ by Soumya Mohapatra aka himanish-star