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WARNING STATEMENT: This module is now considered legacy and should be used with newer webpack 3.x versions with caution due to possible bugs. Reconsider please to use webpack-dev-middleware instead. If you stillt want to use features like custom file system and bundle specific headers please consider to open new PR to the original middleware repo.


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Module API | Configuration | Miscellaneous | Credits | License

Server middleware that manages your webpack compilation easily.
Complete overhaul of the official webpack-dev-middleware version powered by a support of multiple webpack configurations and some handy features leveraging basic functionality.

$ npm i --no-optional webpack-middware
$ npm i --no-optional hinell/webpack-middware # latest version
    , Middware  = require('webpack-middware')
    , app       = require('express')();
      app.use((middware = new Middware({
    //  webpack compiler is REQUIRED (except when you have passed it early by first argument)
        compiler : new Webpack({ entry: ... , output: , plugins: [...] }), 
        publicPath :'/public' // [default - '/'] 
      , headers : {// headers to be send along with script bundle
        , 'Cache-control': 'max-age=0'  // common header to be sent with every bundle response
        , files :{ // bundle specific headers
            // headers to be sent for 'vendor' bundle request
            'vendor': { 'Cache-control': 'max-age=3600'}
      , fs    : new require('memory-fs') // specify in-memory or local file system [default - in memory]
      , watch : {}  // configure watch settings [see webpack watch settings]
       // ⚠ don't forget to provide the middleware callback to the .use()!
      // Miscellaneous
      middware.watching              // access watching, undefined in lazy mode (lazy option is specified)
      middware.watching.invalidate() // invalidate bundle
      middware.fs                    // file system access


var   middware = new Middware(compiler[, config]) // middware takes webpack compiler and optional config
var   middware = new Middware(config) // the compiler is provided by config property { compiler }

      middware.middleware // is of type of (req,res,next) server request listener (middleware)


.compiler - webpack compiler instance, this option is required
.fs - files system where compiled files are kept, by default it is equal to the require('fs')
.headers - {header: value} - serve headers along the response on each request to the webpack output bundle picked by name
.headers.files - {filename:{header: value}} - the same as .headers but only for a particular webpack output bundle
.filename - String - filename on which request middware starts compilation (lazy mode required)
.publicPath - String - by default '/'
.lazy - Boolean - activate lazy mode so middware compiles bundle by request, false by default
.error - Boolean - log errors, false by default
.debug - Boolean - log debug info, false by default
.quiet - Boolean - log no info about compilation, except errors and debug, false by default


Follow here for more options.
More info about webpack multiple configurations.