Fork of HIPAcc generating code for Vivado HLS and Altera OpenCL
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Hipacc FPGA

A domain-specific language and compiler for image processing

Hipacc allows to design image processing kernels and algorithms in a domain-specific language (DSL). From this high-level description, low-level target code for GPU accelerators is generated using source-to-source translation. As back ends, the framework supports C/C++, CUDA, OpenCL, and Renderscript.


See Hipacc documentation and Install notes for detailed information.

Run Vivado HLS

Make sure that the binary vivado_hls can be found in your PATH and run the following commands in order to build provided test cases:

cd $(CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX)/tests/fpga
make vivado TEST_CASE=tests/laplace_rgba
make vivado TEST_CASE=tests/harris_corner
make vivado TEST_CASE=tests/optical_flow
make vivado TEST_CASE=tests/block_matching