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An iOS like action sheet for jQuery Mobile

What is it

A very easy to use and fully markup-driven action sheet

How To Use

  • Clone this repository or download a tagged version. I suggest to use the master branch but jqm 1.alpha and 1.beta may work better with v1.
  • If you prefer "learning by doing" play around with pages contained in the examples folder.
  • If not; Include actionsheet css and js to the first page of your application. Then simply place a HTML Element on the page you like to open the popup. A link tag for example. Add the data-role "actionsheet" to it. You can place it within the header as well as within the content. Both should work. Now add a div directly following this link. Wrap all content you like to show in the popup into this div. Ready. See the following HTML
<a data-icon="plus" data-role="actionsheet">Open</a>
    <a data-role="button" href="#">Action 1</a>
    <a data-role="button" href="#">Action 2</a>
    <a data-role="button" href="#">Action 3</a>
    <!-- This close button is optional. The widget also closes if you click or touch outside of the popup -->
    <a data-role="button" data-rel="close" href="#">Cancel</a>

Also you can use html ids to associate toggle and sheet. This way the sheet must not directly follow the toggle.

<a data-role="actionsheet" data-sheet='sheet0'>Open</a>

.... A lot a lot a lot markup in between ....

<div id='sheet0'>
    <h1>This is sheet0 speaking</h1>

Adjust the fade animation

Just like you can change the look of the "Action Sheet" with CSS, you can change the animation via CSS. The default CSS contains two different animations. "actionsheet-open/close-slideup" and actionsheet-open/close-fade. The standard uses "actionsheet-open/close-slideup". If you like the fade animation better change the CSS classes ".ui-actionsheet-animateIn" as also ".ui-actionsheet-animateOut". Change the property"-webkit-animation-name" and "-moz-animation-name" accordingly. Of course you can also use your own animations.


  • Easy to configure CSS3 based keyframe animations
  • Popup content can be any HTML
  • No js coding needed.
  • Nice default look


If you are looking for a programmatic javascript approach take a look at this usefull plugin:


An actionsheet for jquerymobile






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