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  • It backups your notes as separate files named by note ids (like 68b329da9893e34099c7d8ad5cb9c940.txt)
  • Backup files contain tags.
  • It stores files in ~/Dropbox/SimplenoteBackups by default.
    • If a note has only one tag, put it into a directory named by the tag. This lets you keep the structure when you import notes into the

Sample of the content of a backup file of a note.

Content of the note.
After the content and a blank line, tags follow.

tags: foo, bar


I know has a "Download .zip" feature, but it doesn't include tags. I know has an "Export notes" feature, but it seems to exclude notes in trash. Neither of these lets us automate backing up (for instance periodically using cron). I am tired of searching around for other options...

Technical notes

  • It uses the simperium-python sdk.
  • I don't trust 3rd party tools that handle my password, so I don't require you to trust me either. The simperium API didn't provide us with a way like OAuth. So you need to retrieve a token from by yourself.

Installation (OS X)

Sorry if your desktop OS is not an OS X. Sorry if you are not familiar with the command line. I hope you can figure out how to deal with this nontheless.

1. Create a working directory

If you don't have any idea where to place the directory, your home directory is an option. I.e.

mkdir ~/SimplenoteBackup
cd ~/SimplenoteBackup

2. Get what's needed

git clone
git clone

3. Get your token

  1. Open and log in.
  2. Open the inspector in your browser (A shortcut may be Command + Alt + j).
  3. Type simperium_opts.token in the console of the inspector, and press enter.
  4. You will see your token; it looks like "a543b9622f7bf1a340a8a6682d09ad17".

4. Run my script

cd ~/SimplenoteBackup/simplenote-backup

If it succeeds you will see something like this:

Starting backup your simplenote to: /Users/hiroshi/Dropbox/SimplenoteBackups
Done: 3156 files (1605 in TRASH).

If you'd like to choose another destination directory, add BACKUP_DIR option to the make command.

make TOKEN=YOUR_TOKEN_HERE BACKUP_DIR=~/my-simplenote-backup

5. Add a cron task if you wish

crontab -e

If you wish to execute a backup job once an hour, add the following line to your crontab:

0 * * * * cd $HOME/SimplenoteBackup/simplenote-backup && make TOKEN=YOU_TOKEN_HERE > cron.log 2>&1


  • Provide an archive file packed with simperium sdk.
  • Run the script as a service somewhere so that you don't need to keep open a desktop machine for backing up notes entered eg. on your mobile device.
  • Provide a bookmarklet to the grab token from, to ease setup.