The list of necessary items, products that would be nice to put in a backpack and actions which, probably, should take before going.
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Awesome Hiking Checklist [ru]


A highly subjective list of the items you may need in a simple camping trip.


  • This is not necessary or sufficient list. Used for self-examination, to avoid forgetting even basic items.
  • Some items are optional for the weather or time of year.
  • It was written for myself and will likely not take into account your personal preferences. However, corrections and additions are strongly welcomed.
  • English is not my native language. But I'll try.



What will help you get to where you need. And back.

  • paper map
  • compass
  • gps-navigator*


  • phone
  • walkie talkie


What will help in the dark.

  • flashlight (headlamp, hand-held)
  • lamp (led, gas)
  • chemical light source


  • any ID (laminated copy)
  • medical insurance
  • certificates for knives
  • tickets
  • permits and passes
  • namecard in a backpack
  • wallet
  • stash separated from a wallet


What will give you to move on.

  • tent (hammock)
  • sleeping pad
  • sleeping bag
  • gas stove
  • axe (saw)
  • fire ignitions (lighter, vacuum-packed matches, tinder / birch, plexiglass)
  • bowler (cook pot)
  • metal cable / campfire tripod


What gives energy.

  • water
  • nuts + dried fruits
  • chocolate
  • salt
  • tea brew (tea bags, large leaf)
  • kissel


  • insoles
  • raincoat
  • change of socks
  • change of underpants
  • balaclava
  • gaiter
  • mosquito hat
  • warm sweater with neck (comes in handy even in the summer)
  • headgear (bandana, Panama, shemagh)
  • camp slippers
  • swimming suit

First Aid

  • dressings
    • adhesive plaster (bactericidal, patches)
    • bandage
    • sterile cotton wool
    • elastic bandage
  • disinfection
    • iodine solution (alcohol, water)
    • peroxide
  • cream (baby, protective, moisturizing)
  • local warming ointment
  • remedy for corns
  • теймурова паста
  • antihistamine
    • pills (Супрастин, Драмина)
    • localized ointment (Фенистил)
  • painkillers (Цитрамон, Нимесулид, Ибупрофен, Дротаверин)
  • rehydration (Регидрон)
  • healing remedies (Пантенол, клей БФ)
  • remedies for diarrhea (Лоперамид, Денол)
  • specific


What doesn't fit in any other category

  • repellent
  • mp3-player
  • waterproof cover for backpack
  • warmers (catalytic, chemical)
  • batteries
  • gloves (working, wastable)
  • sitting pad
  • Utensil
    • mug
    • spoon
    • bowl
    • knife (swissarmy, hiking, wastable, potato peeler)
  • toothpicks
  • yarn and needles
  • wristwatch
  • ПРСТ (СЛГ)
    • showel
    • hairbrush
    • toothbrush, toothpaste
    • toilet paper
    • wet wipes
  • trash bags
  • wistle
  • row
  • spaceblanket
  • book
  • writing items (pen, pencil)
  • entertainment (harmonica, guitar, ukulele, etc.)
  • mirror (tiny and unbreakable)


What would be nice to do in advance.

  • charge all rechargeable batteries
  • replace non rechargeable batteries
  • sharpen kinves
  • check out the tent
  • clean the pots
  • cash out
  • review the route
  • inform about the route to relatives or friends
  • distribute common equipment


*No. Don't do it *

  • Do not take with you:
    • any glass
    • buzz
  • Do not wear a new (unworn) shoes