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Autocomplete JQuery plugin for email fields
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An autocomplete JQuery plugin for email fields

This plugin autocompletes email addresses when supplied with an email domain. Instead of the regular jQuery autocomplete's dropdown menu of autocomplete suggestions, this types ahead while keeping the auto-filled text highlighted as to not obstruct the user.


To use this plugin, download the file and on pageload, call:

$('#your-field').autoEmail(["", "", "", ""], "", false);

The method accepts three parameters, domains and defaultDomain and multi-enabled.

  • domains is an array of domains to autocomplete with, autocompleting on the first match in the array. Typing joe@f in the above example will first autocomplete to After the user types joe@foob, the field will autocomplete to
  • defaultDomain is a string of your precedence domain to match.
  • multi-enabled is a boolean flag that enables the user to enter multiple emails in the field, separated by a , or ;
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