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Bourbon Header

An implementation of Bourbon for Android Mobile, with the use of the new ConstraintLayout where possible for demonstration purposes.

The layout files can be found here:

Bourbon Header


  • Android SDK.
  • Android 5.0 (API 21) .
  • Android SDK Tools
  • Android SDK Build tools 23.0.2
  • Android Support Repository
  • Android Support libraries


To build, install and run a debug version, run this from the root of the project:

./gradlew app:assembleDebug


To run the Unit Test found in the CoreCommon module, run the following command from the root of the project:

./gradlew corecommon:testDebugUnitTest

As mentioned the the structure section above, each of the instrumentation tests are split into a seperate module. You can run the instrumentation tests for these modules by running the commands below from the root of the project:

To run instrumentation tests for mobile:

./gradlew mobile-androidTest:connectedAndroidTest

To run instrumentation tests for wear:

./gradlew wear-androidTest:connectedAndroidTest

To run instrumentation tests for TV:

./gradlew tv-androidTest:connectedAndroidTest