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Kubernetes on AWS Users

If you are using Kubernetes on AWS, please participate in our Kubernetes on AWS user survey to help us compile a public list of Kubernetes on AWS users.

The survey results (list of organizations) will be published in the next section.

Form Responses

The following companies/organizations filled out the Google form so far (sorted alphabetically):

Organization Workload (K8s on AWS) Provisioning More Info Location
AOE dev/test/staging kops Wiesbaden, Germany
Applatix, Inc. dev/test/staging kube-up Yes. See for various articles on our internal use Sunnyvale, California.
ArchDaily critical business apps kops Santiago, Chile
Athlinks critical business apps kubeadm, Terraform Louisville, CO
Atlassian internal/non-critical apps Custom Terraform Sydney, Australia
Base CRM critical business apps kops Kraków, Poland
Bitnami critical business apps kops San Francisco, CA
Box proof of concept kops Redwood City, CA
ChatWork critical business apps kube-aws // All the contents are written in Japanese Tokyo, Japan
Checkr critical business apps kube-aws San Francisco, CA
Clarifai, Inc. critical business apps Custom Ansible for GPUs + CoreOS New York City (HQ), San Francisco critical business apps kops We're building some tools which will be open source within 6 months. Austin, TX
CodeValue critical business apps kops Israel
Contentful critical business apps kops Berlin, Germany
Crestle critical business apps kops San Francisco, USA
Crowdfire Inc critical business apps kops, Custom Terraform+Ansible Mumbai, India
Databricks critical business apps Custom Cloud Formation + CoreOS We are running a very large fraction of our production infrastructure, user- and customer- facing, on Kubernetes. We are currently split across multiple Kubernetes clusters running 50+ nodes Kubernetes nodes (totaling over 500 cores and 5TB of memory) with hundreds of services deployed (Kubernetes Deployments). We have done significant customization on the security front; setting up workers in different subnets behind distinct NATs, authorizing certain pods to assume particular AWS IAM roles, and a Google Groups-based ACL setup to give teams access only to their own namespaces. All new services are deployed in Kubernetes and we are currently in the process of migrating our remaining services over. Additionally, we hope to expand the reach of Kubernetes to tens more datacenters by the end of the year, and develop or use whatever tooling necessary to allow engineers to develop and deploy their software across these clusters. San Fransisco
DB Schenker critical business apps Terraform + Ansible Not yet, sorry Essen, Germany
Descomplica critical business apps kube-aws Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Deutsche Börse Group proof of concept kops Prague, Czech Republic / Frankfurt, Germany
Ekino dev/test/staging kops, Cloudformation / Troposphere France
Encompass Corporation proof of concept kops Sydney, Australia
Engine Yard critical business apps new product Coming soon San Francisco, CA
Exaring AG critical business apps kops, Home build solution München, Karlsruhe, Berlin
FarmLogs critical business apps Custom Cloud Formation + CoreOS Ann Arbor, Michigan
Flixbus critical business apps Puppet Berlin, Germany
freee K.K. proof of concept kube-aws Tokyo, Japan
HBO critical business apps CoreOS + Custom Terraform
Hephy critical business apps kops World Wide Web
Hiya, Inc. critical business apps Custom Cloud Formation + CoreOS high-level talk at KubeCon 2016: Seattle, USA
Honestbee critical business apps tack (Terraform + CoreOS) Singapore, Singapore
immmr GmbH critical business apps Custom terraform + Container Linux Berlin, Germany
Indix Corp critical business apps Custom Terraform + Ansible + CoreOS Chennai, India
Luiza Labs critical business apps kops Our first Black Friday with critical apps on Kubernetes: São Paulo, Brazil
Movio critical business apps Custom Ubuntu AMIs Older blog post: Prometheus + Kubernetes: Auckland, New Zealand
Mozilla critical business apps kops
mytaxi proof of concept kops, Terraform Hamburg, Germany
Netquest critical business apps kube-aws Barcelona, Spain
notasquare dev/test/staging Vietnam
NUVI critical business apps Terraform + Ansible + CoreOS No Lehi, UT
Oteemo critical business apps kops Presentation to DC Continuous Delivery on running a CD stack on K8s: Reston, VA, United States
Palar Support internal/non-critical apps kops San Francisco, US
Paytm critical business apps kube-aws Bangalore, India
Pearson critical business apps Terraform London, UK and Denver, CO
Photobox Ltd critical business apps kops London
PlanGrid critical business apps CloudFormation + salt San Francisco, CA, USA
PlayCom critical business apps kops No (not yet) Madrid, Barcelona (Spain)
PornTube critical business apps kube-aws Not yet Barcelona, Spain
ReactiveOps critical business apps kops, We also use our own internal framework for building clusters as we do it for many clients: Lots more on our regular blog United States: Distributed
Reddit dev/test/staging kubeadm, terraform San Francisco, CA
Restorando critical business apps kops, kube-up Buenos Aires, Argentina
Rythm SAS critical business apps kops, kops is wrapped into the karch Terraform module we wrote for the occasion: Paris, France
Schibsted critical business apps kube-aws Barcelona
SeamlessGov critical business apps kops New York, NY
Simple dev/test/staging CoreOS Tectonic Portland, Oregon
Skuid Inc critical business apps Terraform Chattanooga, TN
Spire Labs critical business apps kops Chattanooga, TN
Spotahome critical business apps kops Not yet Madrid, Spain
Spreaker critical business apps kops Remote Team across Europe
Statflo Inc. critical business apps kops Toronto, Ontario, Canada
store2be GmbH internal/non-critical apps kops Berlin, Germany
Streema critical business apps kops, Terraform Not yet
Stylight GmbH critical business apps Custom Cloud Formation + CoreOS Munich
Supership Inc. dev/test/staging kube-aws
SupplyPike critical business apps Custom Terraform + CoreOS Fayetteville, AR
Ticketmaster critical business apps CoreOS Tectonic See presentations from KubeCon & KubeCon EU. It's growing like mad. Los Angeles, CA
Tictrac critical business apps kops London, UK
UPMC Enterprises critical business apps Pittsburgh, PA
uSwitch critical business apps kops and custom terraform Not yet- we've started posting regularly to and some posts on our Kubernetes work will appear soon. London, UK
Veritas Technologies LLC internal/non-critical apps Terraform based on kube-aws with CoreOS No Minneapolis, MN; Hays, KS; Mtn View, CA
Vonage proof of concept kops, terraform Holmdel, NJ
Weaveworks critical business apps Terraform+Ansible ( Berlin, London & San Francisco
Yahoo Inc proof of concept kops, Terraform Barcelona, Sunnyvale
Zalando SE critical business apps Custom Cloud Formation + CoreOS Berlin, Germany

Manually Compiled List

The following companies/organizations are known to run Kubernetes on AWS (sorted alphabetically), but haven't yet filled out the Google form:


This is an initiative of SIG-AWS. Please create GitHub issues for questions/concerns with this repo or the Google form.

Please fill out the Google form to add your organization instead of opening a PR.

You can also reach the maintainer on Twitter.