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The Gearman PHP Extension provides a wrapper to libgearman. This
gives the user the ability to write fully featured Gearman clients
and workers in PHP, allowing them to quickly develop distributed

For more information about Gearman, see:

    * For the 0.8.* versions, libgearman v0.14 or greater
    * For the 1.0.* versions, libgearman v0.21 or greater
    * For the 1.1.* versions, libgearman v1.1.0 or greater
    * For the 2.0.* versions, testing is done against libgearman v1.1.8

The Gearman PHP Extension requires the Gearman C server and library package
to be installed. You can download the latest from:

See the README file in that package for installation instructions. Once
it is installed you can compile the Gearman PHP Extension. You'll need
to make sure you have the PHP development packages installed first
(if you have 'phpize' command you’re all set). You'll also probably
want the PHP command line interface installed as well (usually named
php-cli). After extracting the Gearman PHP tarball, just run:

make install

You then need to make PHP aware of the new extension by adding the
following line to your php.ini:


You can then test if the module is configured correctly with the
PHP cli:

php --info | grep gearman

To run a simple example

cd examples

1. Start the gearmand server in a seperate terminal


2. In another terminal, change to this source directory and run:

php examples/reverse_worker.php

3. In another terminal, change to this source directory and run:

php examples/reverse_client.php

You should see some output from both the reverse client and worker
scripts about the status and then a final result.

Have fun!
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