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Made with Doom Emacs NixOS Unstable

Hey, you. You're finally awake. You were trying to configure your OS declaratively, right? Walked right into that NixOS ambush, same as us, and those dotfiles over there.

Disclaimer: This is not a community framework or distribution. It's a private configuration and an ongoing experiment to feel out NixOS. I make no guarantees that it will work out of the box for anyone but myself. It may also change drastically and without warning.

Until I can bend spoons with my nix-fu, please don't treat me like an authority or expert in the NixOS space. Seek help on the NixOS discourse instead.

Shell: zsh + zgenom
DM: lightdm + lightdm-mini-greeter
WM: bspwm + polybar
Editor: Doom Emacs
Terminal: st
Launcher: rofi
Browser: firefox
GTK Theme: Ant Dracula

Quick start

  1. Acquire NixOS 21.11 or newer:

    # Yoink nixos-unstable
    wget -O nixos.iso
    # Write it to a flash drive
    cp nixos.iso /dev/sdX
  2. Boot into the installer.

  3. Switch to root user: sudo su -

  4. Do your partitions and mount your root to /mnt (for example).

  5. Install these dotfiles:

    nix-shell -p git nixFlakes
    # Set HOST to the desired hostname of this system
    # Set USER to your desired username (defaults to hlissner)
    git clone /etc/dotfiles
    cd /etc/dotfiles
    # Create a host config in `hosts/` and add it to the repo:
    mkdir -p hosts/$HOST
    nixos-generate-config --root /mnt --dir /etc/dotfiles/hosts/$HOST
    rm -f hosts/$HOST/configuration.nix
    cp hosts/kuro/default.nix hosts/$HOST/default.nix
    vim hosts/$HOST/default.nix  # configure this for your system; don't use it verbatim!
    git add hosts/$HOST
    # Install nixOS
    USER=$USER nixos-install --root /mnt --impure --flake .#$HOST
    # If you get 'unrecognized option: --impure', replace '--impure' with 
    # `--option pure-eval no`.
    # Then move the dotfiles to the mounted drive!
    mv /etc/dotfiles /mnt/etc/dotfiles
  6. Then reboot and you're good to go!

⚠️ Don't forget to change your root and $USER passwords! They are set to nixos by default.


And I say, bin/hey, what's going on?

Usage: hey [global-options] [command] [sub-options]

Available Commands:
  check                  Run 'nix flake check' on your dotfiles
  gc                     Garbage collect & optimize nix store
  generations            Explore, manage, diff across generations
  help [SUBCOMMAND]      Show usage information for this script or a subcommand
  rebuild                Rebuild the current system's flake
  repl                   Open a nix-repl with nixpkgs and dotfiles preloaded
  rollback               Roll back to last generation
  search                 Search nixpkgs for a package
  show                   [ARGS...]
  ssh HOST [COMMAND]     Run a bin/hey command on a remote NixOS system
  swap PATH [PATH...]    Recursively swap nix-store symlinks with copies (and back).
  test                   Quickly rebuild, for quick iteration
  theme THEME_NAME       Quickly swap to another theme module
  update [INPUT...]      Update specific flakes or all of them
  upgrade                Update all flakes and rebuild system

    -d, --dryrun                     Don't change anything; perform dry run
    -D, --debug                      Show trace on nix errors
    -f, --flake URI                  Change target flake to URI
    -h, --help                       Display this help, or help for a specific command
    -i, -A, -q, -e, -p               Forward to nix-env

Frequently asked questions