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@hluk hluk released this Jul 12, 2020

  • Unsaved data are now saved whenever application is unfocused, otherwise
    immediately after an item is edited and saved or after ~5 minute intervals if
    items change. These intervals can be configured - use copyq config to list
    options with save_delay_ prefix. For example, disable storing after an item
    is added (only when app is unfocused, exits or tab is unloaded):

    copyq config save_delay_ms_on_item_added -1
  • Filter field in commands can now modify menu items. This is done by setting
    properties to "menuItem" object. Example:

    menuItem['checkable'] = true
    if (plugins.itempinned.isPinned.apply(this, selectedItems())) {
        menuItem['checked'] = true
        menuItem['text'] = 'Unpin'
        menuItem['color'] = '#f00'
        menuItem['tag'] = 'X'
    } else {
        menuItem['checked'] = false
        menuItem['text'] = 'Pin'
        menuItem['icon'] = ''
  • Application icon will no longer automatically change when there is an ongoing
    operation (i.e. the icon snip animation). This caused performance issues in
    some environments and it was not tested automatically so it often broke. When
    clipboard storing is disabled the icon only changes opacity slightly.

  • New preview() script function shows/hides item preview.

  • Avoid terminating application on SIGHUP (#1383)

  • Use brighter bar for pinned items with a dark theme (#1398)

  • Improved notification text line wrapping (#1409)

  • Improved layout when showing many shortcut buttons (#1425)

  • Fix indentation when importing commands with CRLF (#1426)

  • Fix using the configured notification font (#1393)

  • Fix initial item size (avoid scroll bars)

  • Fix decrypting item with note

  • Fix hiding windows after changing "Always on Top" option

  • Fix tool bar flickering when browsing items

  • Fix crash when destroying main window

  • Fix rare crash when menu items change

  • FakeVim: Improved completion menu control with Vim emulation

  • FakeVim: Always start in normal mode

  • FakeVim: Fix searching backwards

  • Windows: Paste operation is now postponed until user releases shortcut
    (#1412). This works better than releasing the shortcut keys automatically and
    is consistent with behavior on Linux.

  • Windows: Fix SSL/TLS errors; networkGet() should now work with https

  • Windows: Fix native GUI style (#1427)

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@hluk hluk released this May 8, 2020

  • Fix scrolling in selected text items (#1371)

  • Fix using application icon font instead of a system-installed on (#1369)

  • X11: Fix checking correct text before selection synchronization

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@hluk hluk released this May 1, 2020

  • Tab character size can now be set (number of spaces) and maps more accurately
    to space character width (#1341). The default value is 8 spaces which is
    smaller than before. This can be changed on command line:

    copyq config text_tab_width 4
  • New move() script function moves selected items within tab.

  • New menuItems() script function creates custom menus.

  • CSS stylesheet files to fully customize appearance

  • Allow keyboard navigation in item preview dock

  • "Show Preview" is now available in File menu instead of Item menu

  • Shortcuts Ctrl+P and Ctrl+N selects previous/next action in Action dialog.

  • New synchronized item/files are now added to item list ordered alphabetically
    by filename which is faster and more consistent on multiple platforms than
    ordering by modification-time (#833).

  • Improved performance when synchronizing items/files

  • Non-owned synchronized files at the end of item list are now dropped (but not
    deleted) if the list is full.

  • Updated icons (Font Awesome 5.13.0)

  • Simpler item scrollbar style

  • Omit showing new notification under mouse pointer (#1310)

  • Duplicate "CopyQ Error" notification are not shown

  • Bind x to Delete in Vi style navigation mode

  • Left/Right arrow keys now work in FakeVim editor mode by default

  • FakeVim editor mode now supports cutting text to given register

  • If FakeVim editor mode is active in a dialog, Esc key allows to close the

  • Consistent window and dialog titles in application (" - CopyQ" suffix)

  • Fix opening tray menu with empty search

  • Fix search in main window and tray with different keyboard layouts (#1316)

  • Fix restoring search when closing internal editor

  • Fix crash when synchronizing pinned items/files (#1311)

  • Fix pasting synchronized file instead of its content (#1309)

  • Fix enabling menu items with filters in commands (#1284)

  • Fix commands for removing tags from items (#1332)

  • Fix copying from item preview dock (#1326)

  • Fix position of main window on current screen (#1216)

  • Fix copying "text/plain;charset=utf-8" format as a text (#1324)

  • Fix preview search highlight in Appearance configuration (#1354)

  • Fix hover/mouse-over style for items (#1347)

  • Fix wrapping long notification text

  • Fix jitter when scrolling in item list

  • Fix item width

  • X11: Fix re-getting clipboard content after aborted (#1356)

  • Windows: Use builds with Qt 5.13

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@hluk hluk released this Feb 2, 2020

  • Use environment variable COPYQ_DEFAULT_ICON=1 to show the original
    application icon instead of the one from current icon theme.

  • Avoid updating menu unnecessarily

  • Drop using deprecated Qt API and require at least Qt 5.5 (meaning Ubuntu
    14.04 and Debian 8 are no longer supported)

  • Use non-native color and font dialogs which fixes showing these in Gnome/Gtk

  • Fix GUI with fractional scaling

  • Fix updating tray menu (remove empty sections)

  • Fix editing synchronized file content instead of its path

  • OSX: Omit preventing system from entering the sleep mode

  • X11: Improve clipboard/selection synchronization

  • X11: Avoid reading clipboard in parallel in the monitor process

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@rygwdn rygwdn released this Jan 28, 2020

Signed-off-by: Lukas Holecek <>
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@hluk hluk released this Nov 16, 2019

  • New loadTheme() script function loads theme from INI file.

  • Currently selected item stays on top on PageUp/Down (less jittery list view

  • Performance improvements: Updates GUI only when necessary; dedicated
    processes to run menu filters and display commands; reloads configuration
    once when setting multiple options with config()

  • Skips using a command from a disabled plugin

  • Logs information on slow menu filters and display commands

  • Fix hiding item preview when disabled (caused an empty window to be shown)
    and when no items are selected

  • Fix taking screenshots on multiple monitors

  • Fix duplicate show/hide tray menu items

  • Fix moving synchronized items to top when activated

  • Fix calling onExit() second time when on shutdown

  • Fix removing empty actions from history in Action dialog

  • Fix updating version from Git when rebuilding

  • OSX: Fix refocusing correct main window widget

  • Windows: Use Qt 5.12.5 builds (MinGW 7.3.0 32-bit, msvc2017 64-bit)

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@hluk hluk released this Aug 25, 2019

  • Fix unnecessary tab reloading after expired.

  • Fix repeated menu updates.

  • Fix loading tabs with an empty item

  • Fix initializing expire timeout (it was always 0 or 1 minute)

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@hluk hluk released this Aug 18, 2019

  • Commands are moved to a separate configuration file "copyq-commands.ini".

  • Horizontal tabs in the configuration dialog were replaced with a list of
    sections so it's possible to view all of the sections even in a smaller

  • New option hide_main_window_in_task_bar to hide window in task bar can be
    set using copyq config hide_main_window_in_task_bar true.

  • New logs() script function prints application logs.

  • New clipboardFormatsToSave() script function allows to override clipboard
    formats to save.

  • Some hidden options can be modified using config() script function.

  • Font sizes in items and editor are limited to prevent application freeze.

  • Application icons are cached so as to avoid creating icons for the snip
    animation again.

  • Fix restoring tabs with some non-ASCII characters

  • Fix opening window on different screen with different DPI

  • Fix 100% CPU utilization on wide screens (5120x1440)

  • Fix icon size and GUI margins in Tabs configuration tab

  • X11: Fix stuck clipboard access

  • X11: Faster selection synchronization

  • OSX: Prevent showing font download dialog

  • OSX: Fix clipboard owner window title

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@hluk hluk released this Jun 27, 2019

  • Large images in clipboard are no longer automatically converted to other
    formats - it caused slowdowns and was mostly unnecessary since some usable
    image format was provided.

  • The server/GUI process now provides the clipboard and no other process is
    started (i.e. "copyq provideClipboard"). The other process helped to unblock
    GUI in rare cases when an application requested large amount of clipboard
    data, but it could cause some slowdowns to start the process.

  • Closing external editor focuses the edited item again (if the editor was open
    from main window).

  • Only Global Shortcut commands are shown in tray menu.

  • Separate Global and Application shortcuts into tabs in configuration dialog.

  • New per-tab configuration allows disabling storing items on disk and limiting
    number of items.

  • New script function unload() and forceUnload() allow unloading tabs from main

  • Tabs synchronized with a directory on disk are updated only when needed. An
    update happens regularly when synced tab has focus or item data and are too
    old. Update interval is 10s and can be changed by setting env variable

  • X11: New option allows to disable running automatic commands on X11 selection

  • Fix rare crash on exit.

  • Fix value returned by filter() after it's hidden

  • Fix memory leak (tool bar and menu items were not properly cleaned up)

  • Fix crash when opening content dialog with many formats

  • OSX: Fix pixelated UI rendering on retina displays.

  • Windows: Fix blocking Ctrl, Shift and other modifier keys after invoking
    paste action. The downside is that it's no longer possible to invoke command
    assigned to a global shortcut repeatedly without releasing these keys.

  • X11: Fix high CPU usage when mouse selection cannot be accessed.

  • X11: Fix assigning global shortcuts with keypad keys

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@hluk hluk released this Apr 10, 2019 · 551 commits to master since this release

  • Custom settings from scripts (using settings() function) are now saved in
    "copyq-scripts.ini" file in configuration directory. Existing configuration
    needs to be moved manually from "[script]" section in the main configuration
    file ("copyq info config" command prints the path) to "[General]" section to
    the new file (in the same directory).

  • Correct clipboard owner (window title) is now used when the window is hidden
    after copy operation (e.g. password manager copies password and hides its
    window immediately).

  • New script functions onStart and onExit allow to defined commands run when
    the application starts and exits.

  • New script functions pointerPosition and setPointerPosition to get/set mouse
    cursor position on screen.

  • New script callback onClipboardUnchanged called when clipboard changes but
    monitored content remains the same.

  • Block default shortcut overridden by a command while its filter command needs
    to run.

  • Item selection is not cleared when main window hides in response to
    activating an item or automatically when unfocused.

  • Clipboard dialog opens much faster and retrieves clipboard data only when

  • Clipboard dialog contains special clipboard formats and the whole list is
    sorted - plain text first, HTML, other text, application, application
    specific (application/x-), special (uppercase).

  • Detect encoding for other text formats.

  • Method text for ByteArray returns correctly formatted text from unicode
    encoded data (e.g. UTF-8).

  • Show pin and tag menu items even if shortcut is not assigned (can be disabled
    completely in Command dialog).

  • Hide encrypt/decrypt commands when keys for Encrypt plugin don't exist.

  • Command list is focused when Command dialog opens; the less important "Find"
    field is smaller and moved below the list.

  • Process manager is completely redone and the dialog is no longer created at
    application start (faster application start, smaller memory footprint).

  • Process manager has filter field for searching for commands.

  • Process manager has new column showing error message.

  • Process manager has color status icons for running, starting and failed

  • Next/Previous formats are no longer available (were rarely used and

  • Updated donation link:

  • FakeVim, if enabled, is used for other multi-line text fields in the
    application (e.g. item notes, command editor).

  • FakeVim, if in a dialog, binds save and quit command to the dialog buttons -
    :w for Apply, :wq for OK, :q for Cancel.

  • FakeVim status bar shows an icon for errors and warnings.

  • FakeVim now handles set commands correctly.

  • FakeVim text cursor is gray if the editor is not focused.

  • Fix opening image editor for encrypted items.

  • Fix opening SVG image editor if the bitmap one is unset.

  • Fix stopping client processes properly.

  • Fix showing main window under mouse pointer (with showAt function).

  • Fix client crash when calling a method without instance (e.g. command "copyq

  • OSX: Fix opening main window above full screen window.

  • OSX: Fix selecting item with Up/Down keys when searching.

  • X11: Fix setting wrong window title for own clipboard.

  • X11: Fix synchronizing selection if the change is quick.

  • X11: Fix tray icon on KDE.

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