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#TeamCity Visual Studio Gallery (vsix) Plugin

This plugin turns your TeamCity 9 into a private Visual Studio Extension Gallery!


  • Download the latest from the releases page, compatible with your TeamCity installation
  • Put the zip file into your TeamCity Data plugins directory (e.g. D:\TeamCity\data\plugins) OR install it via the Plugins List page in TeamCity Administration settings
  • Restart the TeamCity service


If the plugin is installed successfully, you should see a new menu under Integrations:

Before using the plugin, however, several operations must be performed:

  1. Enable the guest account: Visual Studio does not support authenticated feeds, so a guest access must be enabled before using the VSIX Gallery.
  • In your TeamCity, open the Administration page, and go to Authentication, located under Server Administration
  • Make sure Allow login as guest user is checked:
  1. Configure your project to include your .vsix as a build artifact:
  • Go to your build configuration, and in the Artifact path, make sure your .vsix is copied to the artifacts root, e.g.:
  1. Reset the buildsMetadata cache:
  • Go to Diagnostics, and click the Caches tab
  • Click Reset next to the buildsMetadata entry

After this, go to the new VSIX Gallery menu, and you should see the feed to the gallery, e.g.:

Copy this link, and add it to the Extensions and Updates in the Tools - Options dialog in your Visual Studio (as pictured above)

That's it! From now on, every new build will be automatically indexed, and appear as an update in your gallery!


The plugin is written in a mixture of Kotlin and Java, and built with IntelliJ IDEA 14 Community with the Kotlin plugin. Building is done via maven.

If you want to build the plugin yourself, you need to define an environment variable called TEAMCITY_DATA_DIRECTORY, pointing to your TeamCity Data directory. The install phase of this plugin takes the packaged zip file and copies it into the plugins directory under the TeamCity Data directory, and restarts the TeamCity service!

Bugs? Questions? Suggestions?

Please feel free to report them and send me a pull request!


A plugin for JetBrains TeamCity that turns it into a Visual Studio Extensions (vsix) Gallery




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