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Better Build Scripts for Your CI Server

Setting up Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment and Continuous Delivery systems can be difficult, and resolving failures can slow your productivity.

Builder is a collection of Ruby script classes to make it easy for you to write CI Server tasks that run on both your machine and the CI server gracefully. These Ruby scripts are set up to be imported through require_relative directly (not as a Ruby gem).

Getting Started

The best way to use Builder is to add it as a submodule to your project.

  1. Add Builder as a git submodule.
  2. Write & commit a Ruby task script in your repo (see example).
  3. Run ./MyCoolScript.rb and make sure it compiles.
  4. Configure your CI Server to run ./MyCoolScript.rb.

Example Build Script

#!/usr/bin/ruby -w
require_relative '../Vendor/Builder/Apple.rb'

# Get the root of the git workspace.
Workspace = `git rev-parse --show-toplevel`

# Do awesome things
MyApp ="#{Workspace}/MyApp.xcodeproj", "MyScheme")
MyApp.archive('./MyApp.ipa', './')

Each platform has unique qualities that help your integration easier.



The Apple Builder supports iOS and OS X apps, and can export to all formats supported by xcodebuild (currently includes .app, .ipa, .pkg). Builder can take in both .xcworkspace and .xcodeproj locations, and each instance can build a single scheme from your environment.

When available, xctool is used in favor over xcodebuild because of it's advanced reporting and formatting functionality, but xctool is only required when testing, and build/archive tasks will resort to xcodebuild when xctool cannot be found.

This Builder also automatically checks for Cocoapods and can automatically install any Cocoapods dependencies before building, testing or archiving your app.

Apple Build Functions

Instantiate a new Apple Builder object for an xcodeproj or xcworkspace location, and scheme.

MyApp =, scheme)

Set the Build Configuration to use when building & archiving your scheme (default is Release).

MyApp.configuration = 'Release'

Set the SDK to use when building & archiving your scheme (default is iphoneos). This can be iphoneos8.3, iphonesimulator, or any other valid SDK identifier.

MyApp.sdk = 'iphoneos'

Explicitly enable or disable Cocoapods from being installed before the first build, test or archive action. This is automatically determined by any Podfile existance.

MyApp.cocoapods = false

Build the scheme and do nothing with the product.

Build and test the scheme using the iOS Simulator, and write the results to a JUnit file for a CI Server to parse as build results. This requires xctool to be installed.


Build and export the scheme, and write the product and corresponding dSYMs to a file. The output is automatically determined by the path extension; and .app, .ipa, .pkg are all currently valid. The dSYMs will be written in a .zip format with all .dSYM packages at the root of the archive (matching most IPA Distribution formats, i.e. HockeyApp).

MyApp.archive(output="./#{self.scheme}.app", dSYMs=nil)

XCTOOL_PATH will explicitly define the xctool path to be used when executing builds and tests. The default is to find xctool from inside the $PATH settings. Setting the value to false will disable xctool building.

XCODEBUILD_PATH will explicitly define the path to xcodebuild to be used when executing builds and tests. Keep in mind that xctool is used in favor of xcodebuild. The default is to find xcodebuild from inside the $PATH settings.

COCOAPODS_PATH will explicitly define the pods path to be used when preparing the environment to run tests, builds and archives. The default is to find xctool from inside the $PATH settings.

$ XCTOOL_PATH=/usr/local/bin/xctool ./MyScript.rb
$ XCTOOL_PATH=false ./MyScript.rb
$ XCODEBUILD_PATH=/Applications/ ./MyScript.rb
$ COCOAPODS_PATH=/usr/bin/pod ./MyScript.rb

More Platforms

More platforms are hopefully coming soon. Pull requests are welcome!


Builder is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) license. More information about the license is available at the creative commons website.


Better Build Scripts for Your CI Server






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