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Set of gerrit hooks that will update JIRA issues referenced in the subject of any changes.  Currently has hooks for change-abandoned, change-merged, patchset-created.

More info on hooks at:

 - The user that runs the gerrit process must be able to ssh into the gerrit sshd to run "gerrit query" commands.  
 - JIRA must have xmlrpc enabled ( )
 - Gerrit must have the canonicalWebUrl setup in order to add links to the change ( )

Installation Steps
 - Drop hook files into $site_path/hooks 
 - Create JIRA user to post gerrit comments.  User should only need permissions to post new comments to issues
 - Setup config file in the home folder for the user that runs gerrit: ~/.jirretconfig

Config file
jirret looks for a config file at ~/.jirretconfig
See jirretconfig.example for an example.

Known issues/limitations
 - Projects do not auto update when added to JIRA