Migration Guide

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Hoedown's API has been greatly improved from Sundown's.

Every function in Hoedown has been namespaced -- prefixed with hoedown_ and the module name, e.g.,

Sundown Hoedown
struct buf hoedown_buffer
bufgrow hoedown_buffer_grow
sd_markdown_render hoedown_document_render
sdhtml_renderer hoedown_html_renderer

This includes enums, all enums are now namespaced, e.g.,

Sundown Hoedown

The API also underwent changes to improve consistency, e.g.,

Sundown Hoedown
bufnew hoedown_buffer_new
bufrelease hoedown_buffer_free
stack_init hoedown_stack_new
stack_free hoedown_stack_free
sd_markdown_new hoedown_document_new
sd_markdown_free hoedown_document_free
sd_autolink_issafe hoedown_autolink_is_safe
sdhtml_is_tag hoedown_html_is_tag

Also, all the instance functions accept the instance as the first parameter.
See Getting Started for an example.

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