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A diary platform, build in Python (with Flask)

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  • Create models
  • Create application framework
  • Autorisation
  • Authentication
  • Add a WYSIWYG editor for post.body
  • User-management
  • Serverside form-cleaning (post.body needs to be checked)
  • Make it possible to login with Facebook, Twitter or Google-account
  • Styling
  • Logo design
  • Testing
  • PDF version for printing
  • Create a possibility to share a diary with other Flask-Diary users
  • Caching
  • Create posts by e-mail
  • Clean up code >>> break up views/models/forms into directories


This is a simple application for Online Dagboek. Users can write down private stuff and save it in this diary. Noone else can read your posts, only yourself.

It's build on Python with Flask and some other packages (see requirements.txt).

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