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Simantha is a package for simulating discrete manufacturing systems. It is designed to model asynchronous production systems with finite buffers.

The package provides classes for the following core manufacturing objects that are used to create a system:

  • Source: Introduces raw, unprocessed parts to the system.
  • Machine: Continuously retrieves, processes, and relinquishes parts. May also be subject to periodic degradation, failure, and repair.
  • Buffer: Stores parts awaiting processing at a machine.
  • Sink: Collects finished parts that exit the system.
  • Maintainer: Repairs degrading machines according to the specified maintenance policy.

For the complete Simantha documentation, see


Simantha can be installed via pip using:

pip install simantha


The following is an example of the creation and simulation of a simple two-machine one-buffer line.

from simantha import Source, Machine, Buffer, Sink, System

# Create objects
source = Source()
M1 = Machine(name='M1', cycle_time=1)
B1 = Buffer(name='B1', capacity=5)
M2 = Machine(name='M2', cycle_time=1)
sink = Sink()

# Specify routing
M1.define_routing(upstream=[source], downstream=[B1])
B1.define_routing(upstream=[M1], downstream=[M2])
M2.define_routing(upstream=[B1], downstream=[sink])

# Create system
system = System(objects=[source, M1, B1, M2, sink])

# Simulate

# Output:
# Simulation finished in 0.00s
# Parts produced: 99

For additional examples, see simantha/examples.