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6.170 Repo Management

A set of tools to manage the student Github repos for the 6.170 web development class.


Load the python virtualenv

>> virtualenv env.d
>> . env.d/bin/activate
>> pip install -r requirements.txt

Getting the Github Auth Token

>> python get_auth_token

Prompts you for your github username and password, and stores the resulting token in token.txt. Some of the commands will not run unless a valid auth token is present.

You must be an admin of the 6.170 repo for the commands to work properly.

Create Student Repositories

>> python make_repos project_name << "file containing list of students"

Reads from stdin. Each line should have two tokens separated by whitespace. The first token is the student's athena name. The second is the github id (username) beloning to the student.

Adds each user to the 6.170 organization, create a "team" for that user, create a repo with the name "username_project" where "username" is the athena name, and "project" is the project name provided on the command line. Will give admin privilages of the repository to that user's team

Addtionally, the new repository will be initialized with a clone of the repository.

Verify that Student Repositories are Correct

>> python verify_repos project_name << "file with list of students"

Reads from stdin. Same format as make_repos

Verifies that all of the students in the list have their repositories for "project_name" properly configured. This shold be run immediately after make_repos, because when the make_repos command fails on a step, it skips over that user.

Download Student Repositories

>> python clone_repos project_name

Clone all repos beloning to the supplied project_name and store them in a new subfolder of the ./cloned_repos directory.

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