Java AWK interpreter/compiler

Jawk - ReadMe


JAWK is a pure Java distribution of AWK. It uses Maven, and comes with OSGi meta data (it only exports package(s)). Its is licensed under the GPL, and the location of the source code can be found in the project documentation site (see below), or the project file (pom.xml).

How to build

Jawk uses Maven 2+ as build system, which you have to install first. If you did so, you can:

compile & package:

mvn package


mvn exec:java

create project documentation (to be found under target/site/index.html):

mvn site

Jawk relies on BCEL for parsing AWK scripts.


Prepare "target/" for the release process

mvn release:clean

Prepare the release

  • asks for the release and new snapshot versions to use (for all modules)
  • packages
  • signs with GPG
  • commits
  • tags
  • pushes to origin

    mvn release:prepare

Perform the release

  • checks-out the release tag
  • builds
  • deploy into Sonatype staging repository

    mvn release:perform

Promote it on Maven

Moves it from the Sonatype staging to the main Sonatype repo.

  1. using the Nexus staging plugin:

    mvn nexus:staging-close
    mvn nexus:staging-release
  2. ... alternatively, using the web-interface:

    • firefox
    • login
    • got to the "Staging Repositories" tab
    • select "org.jawk..."
    • "Close" it
    • select "org.jawk..." again
    • "Release" it