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import datetime
class Eastern_tzinfo(datetime.tzinfo):
"""Implementation of the Eastern timezone.
Adapted from
def utcoffset(self, dt):
return datetime.timedelta(hours=-5) + self.dst(dt)
def _FirstSunday(self, dt):
"""First Sunday on or after dt."""
return dt + datetime.timedelta(days=(6-dt.weekday()))
def dst(self, dt):
# 2 am on the second Sunday in March
dst_start = self._FirstSunday(datetime.datetime(dt.year, 3, 8, 2))
# 1 am on the first Sunday in November
dst_end = self._FirstSunday(datetime.datetime(dt.year, 11, 1, 1))
if dst_start <= dt.replace(tzinfo=None) < dst_end:
return datetime.timedelta(hours=1)
return datetime.timedelta(hours=0)
def tzname(self, dt):
if self.dst(dt) == datetime.timedelta(hours=0):
return "EST"
return "EDT"
def date_for_new_snippet():
"""Return next Monday, unless it is Monday (0) or Tuesday (1)"""
today =
if (today.weekday() < 2):
aligned = today - datetime.timedelta(days=today.weekday())
aligned = today + datetime.timedelta(days=(7 - today.weekday()))
return aligned
def date_for_retrieval():
"""Always return the most recent Monday."""
today =
return today - datetime.timedelta(days=today.weekday())
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